Tours & Fees

Denver Brews Cruise is an experienced brew tour business in the Denver Metro area with 7+ years. Below you will find our available tours. Continue to check back as we progress and add different tour options!

“Downtown Tour"

Fee: $55.00
Weekday and Saturday Evening Tours - 5:30 pm
Saturday afternoon Tours - 1:00 pm

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Or you may call us at (303) 993-7308, or email us at

Reservation Policy: Reservations are accepted up to 4 months in advance in the calender year, with each calender ending December 31st. Reservations for the next calender year will be taken starting December 1st.

The “Downtown tour departs from Pints Pub located at 221 W. 13th Ave, Denver. The tour guide will meet the group by the Red English Phone Box as a landmark. The tour will visit 3 selected breweries, in and around the downtown Denver area, with the first stop being the “Beer 101” stop. The tour guide will give a “Beer 101” tour in the brewing facility explaining beer from the grain mill to the glass all while enjoying a generous amount of selected samples. From the “Beer 101” stop we will visit 2 more breweries enjoying various beer style samples, facility tours showing different size and dynamic of different breweries, and enjoy the social dynamic of the group. Tours are approximately 4 hours give or take a bit depending on group size and how much fun we have. Each tour is truly a good time Cruisin’ for a Brewsin’…Mile High Style!


Mondays & Tuesdays

Need your group to take a tour on a Monday or Tuesday? That can be arranged - call us at (303) 993-7308, or email us at

Also, if you have a large group, and need to make special arrangements for a tour, that can be done as well - we aim to please!




Brewery stops vary from day to day depending on various operational hours. Please call or email for the scheduled brewery list for your reserved tour.

Designated Drivers are encouraged. Please notify the tour driver of who is the Designated Driver your respective group and they will receive a special gift at the end of tour.

Please try to arrive for your cruise approx 10-15 early to ensure an on-time departure.

You must be at least 21 years of age to sample beers (valid ID required). Under age and nondrinker tickets are available for $25 per person. ID’s will be checked by the tour guide as a courtesy to the breweries and tour customers. The breweries trust that we check all ID’s. We will record the month and year to satisfy any brewery or official inquiry. According to Colorado state law, only valid picture ID’s will be accepted. Temporary ID’s, even if accompanied by an outdated/expired picture ID, will not be accepted.

if Brews Cruise guests arrive at the cruise’s meeting place intoxicated, it is at the cruise guide’s discretion whether or not to allow them on board. If you are turned away due to intoxication, you will still be charged in full for the cruise.

Meals are not included in the tour fee. Meals are very reasonably priced at Pints Pub and the meals are delicious. Meals are recommended.