Take a Brews Cruise

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Photo by Nancy Wilstach / The Birmingham NewsMark Lyons leads beer tours of Asheville, N.C. Check out the suds side of Asheville, N.C., where interesting beers abound. When Mark Lyons started the Asheville Brews Cruise [...]


Asheville’s Brewery Scene

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Asheville Brewery Information History of Beer: A Long Way From Asheville Breweries Throughout history, the art of the brew has been tradition – passed down from father to son, generation to generation. In fact, beer [...]


Good Times On Tap On Brews Cruise

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It came to Mark Lyons like a bolt out of the blue. For a long time, Asheville has had a burgeoning microbrew scene, but the breweries had never really become a part of the area’s [...]


Beer Town of the South

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featured in Southern Living, July 2008 By Tanner C. Latham A life without beer is not a life I want to lead,” declares a guy sitting in the back row of the Asheville Brews Cruise [...]