About New Orleans

In May 2006, founders Mark and Trish Lyons inaugurated Brews Cruise with mobile tours of Asheville, North Carolina’s fine craft breweries. The Lyons’ goal? To share their enthusiasm for exceptional breweries and leave cruisers with a better understanding of the creative process behind beer making. Since then, Brews Cruise locations have grown to over 12 cities that are "Cruisin' for a Brewsin'"- with New Orleans Bruise Cruise joining as the newest addition to the family!

A Message from Brad & Amber

As long time craft beer fans, we were excited to take our first trip to Denver, CO in September 2015 for Great American Beer Festival. While there, we signed up for a Denver Brews Cruise with Brent. While not our first brewery tour, this one really resonated with us: how does something like this not exist in a tourist city such as New Orleans? We mentioned this to Brent during the tour, and he directed us to Mark and Trish for more information on working with Brews Cruise to make a dream into a reality.

We are both lifelong residents of New Orleans, and we love our city as much as we love our still developing craft beer scene.  We hope that you join us on the next chapter of our journey, as we would love to share our passion for New Orleans and introduce you to the wonderful people and places behind the best beer in the Big Easy!

Brad & Amber