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We are so glad that you are coming to Portland, Maine on a cruise ship. You are coming to an incredible “little city” that has so much to offer to the day visitor. We would love to show you around our hometown on an educational tour that is focused around our amazing craft alcohol industry.

Maine Brews Cruise started Driving You to Drink Local in 2012, and that is what we would like to do while you are here.  We encourage you to consider “touring local” with us on the bus.

Instead of booking an excursion through your cruise line, we ask for you to spend your money with us—a locally-owned and independent tour company that is also directly supporting other small Maine businesses.

How does the tour pricing work?

You will most likely find that our prices are lower than similar excursions offered through the cruise company or aboard the ship. There is a reason for that, we are independent and we price our tours at a reasonable rate that is proper for the local economy.

Our tours are priced on an all-inclusive model, which means you don’t have to pay for another thing on the tour if you do not wish. There are no hidden fees or up-charges.

For a full rundown of all the parts of the tour that are included in the ticket cost, take a look at this post: What is Included in An All-Inclusive Tour.

We hope you are inspired to purchase alcohol to go (or in some cases ship home) or perhaps merchandise to remember your visit to Portland. Those are on your own, of course.

When should I book the tour?

But be sure that as soon as you know what you want to do, book it! All of our tours are small group excursions on buses with limited capacity, and they often sell out completely.

Since the itinerary is already set, once you book your cruise you will know what day and for how long you will be visiting Portland.

By booking early, you can guarantee that you’ll get the tour and the time slot that works best for your time in Portland before it is no longer available.

Unlike cruises, resorts, flights, and other travel options, the price of tour excursions like ours doesn’t change with demand, so you won’t save any money by waiting until the last minute.

What if I didn’t book a Brews Cruise tour in advance?

Perhaps you were not planning on any tours in Portland, but you’ve just discovered our company and tours and it sounds like a fun thing to do. We agree!

Check our website for last-minute availabilities, if there are seats available on the day of the tour you can book a tour online right up to the departure time.

Once you get off the ship, you can stop by our official home. It’s a retail store called Old Port Spirits and Cigars at 79 Commercial St. They can sell our tour tickets at the register, and often our staff is there a couple of hours before departure to answer questions and to also sell last-minute tour tickets.

If the bus tours are sold out, we often run walking tours in Portland called Walk, Talk, and Taste that might be the perfect fit for you and your travel companions.

You can also give us a call at 207-200-9111, or send us an inquiry at [email protected] to check to see if we have any additional options for you.

Won’t I miss the boat?

Most cruise lines will say, “We can’t guarantee that you’ll be back on time unless you book through us.” This is how they get you to book their excursion offerings, all of which make them money.

Our tour meeting location is on Commercial Street just a few minutes walk from the cruise docks. This is also the location where your tour will finish, with time to visit parts of the Old Port for shopping along with food and drink exploration.

Still not sure?

We encourage you to do your research about our tours on TripAdvisor. We are very highly rated and one of the top activities in the port of Portland, so it’s a great idea to reserve your spots now.

We’ve done all the work for you, so below are the tour options that will work for your particular date and cruise ship.

Click on the links for your day to book your seats today.