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Meet The Team – Sarah

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Part of a series about each of the individuals that make up our amazing tour operations team. Today, find out about more about Sarah.

Sarah Haywood has been a guide and driver with the Maine Brew Bus since August of 2017.

Born in Vassalboro, Maine, she says her interest in craft alcohol – beer in particular – sparked about two years ago.

She found herself at a local distillery and brewpub called Liquid Riot and ordered Sour Trouble, their sour brown ale.

She has her associates degree in Studio Art from Southern Maine Community College and a bachelor’s degree in Community Recreation from the University of Southern Maine.

Sarah spends most of her time traveling, focusing on her art, and working with kids. Just in 2017, she traveled to South Africa, London, Amsterdam, Utah (twice), and the list goes on.

When she is not on the bus, she works part-time at a before-care program (Kindergarten through 4th Grade) in Westbrook, ME.

As your trained Guide or Driver, Sarah will teach you everything there is to know about Portland’s vibrant craft alcohol scene.

Ten Questions with Sarah

What is your favorite playtime hobby or activity? Hiking and Swimming

What have you found to be the best part of being a driver or guide? Talking to people and meeting people from all over the world. It caters to my need to be social and I love talking to strangers.

Can you talk about your favorite experience with a guest? On my very first time on the bus, I got an official invite to a guests wedding. They were having a Maine destination wedding from Florida and I gave her my number. She followed up with an invitation the next day.

What is your favorite snack? Twice-baked Nutella-filled Croissant from Ten Ten Pié

What do you think is your favorite movie? Miracle, the movie about the 1980 United States men’s hockey team

Do you have any animal friends? I love them, but I currently have no pets.

Who is your celeb crush? Jeff Goldblum, without a doubt!

What is your favorite food? Baked Salmon

What is your favorite band, music, or genre? Right now, the Menzingers. I love Pop punk. Also Bruce Springsteen. I’m a big fan of The Boss.  

If you could describe yourself as a local craft alcohol producer or beverage, what would you be? Lone Pine Chaga Stout. Lone Pine has the most dogs there when we visit on tour. They also have nice paintings in there which I like. I would want to be Chaga Stout in particular because I love nature and being outside and naturally foraging for things.  

Fun Facts

Sarah has had 26 surgeries, has a bunch of tattoos, and she has been a hockey fan since 4th grade. She is a huge Bruins fan now and grew up with Pirates half-season tickets. Sarah is an only child with two dog siblings. You will often find her art on display at local breweries.