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About Brews Cruise

What is Brews Cruise?

Brews CruiseBrews Cruise is a mobile tour company providing all-inclusive educational tasting tours to visit local craft producers. Around the United States, individual owners and operators have licensed the use of the Brews Cruise business model in order to deliver exceptional tours in their areas. Most public tours are for small groups in a minibus or passenger van. In some of our locations tour offerings can also be found on boats, bikes, or on foot.

Our offerings are exclusive tour experiences for those seeking a fun way to learn how the craft products such as beer, wine, and spirits are created. On each tour, our guests get to go behind-the-scenes and meet the fine folks who work hard to create amazing and delicious products.

In addition to offering an array of public tours, we specialize in corporate groups, private tours, parties, and everything in between. Please visit any of our Brews Cruise sites to book your experience today.

Cruises typically stop at three locations, and you will leave with a much better understanding of the creative process behind the production of the craft beverages.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your cruisin’ experience, because we’ll do the driving and guiding for you.

It all began in 2006 when Mark and Trish Lyons officially launched the Asheville Brews Cruise tour.

man and women smiling with beers in hand

Believe it or not, at that time there were only four breweries operating in Asheville and the craft beer scene was just beginning to develop.

The Lyons’ goal was to create something to enhance the burgeoning craft beer scene and showcase a unique side of Asheville. They wanted to create a mobile tour experience that would be educationalconnective, and above all, a fun way to experience locally crafted beer. The tour was a hit! Visitors to Asheville loved it, and locals loved to show off the beer scene when they had friends or family visiting and have someone else to do the driving.

Soon, people were asking how they could get a tour like this started in their city. As the craft beer scene began growing all over the nation, this tour concept soon became applicable to many cities. So Mark and Trish decided to trademark the name and help others get their own Brews Cruise started.

Today, Mark is still helping the company by serving as the Brand Development Manager. Think your city needs a Brews Cruise? Check out the Join Our Family page to learn more!

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In early 2020, a new chapter was started in the Brews Cruise story.

a man holding a sign posing for the cameraIn February 2020, Mark and Trish sold a majority share of Brews Cruise, Inc. to Vestigo Travel Group, a new company formed by a partnership of experienced international experiential tour operators from Australia and the United States.

The goal of Brews Cruise has always been to create something to enhance the burgeoning craft beer scene and showcase a unique side of each beer community in which we operate.

They now license their brand and concept and provide consulting and educational training around the United States and Canada. Brews Cruise has expanded to become the industry leader in mobile educational brewery tours.

Zach Poole

a man wearing a hat and glasses
  • Born on Long Island NY, and schooled in Massachusetts.
  • Former PE school teacher and brewpub manager.
  • Founder and President of Maine Brew Bus, Portland Maine, and Mass Brew Bus, Boston, MA. President of Rhode Island Brew Bus, Providence, RI.

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Dave Phillips

a man looking at the camera
  • From Sydney, Australia.
  • Former Royal Australian Air Force veteran and telecommunications industry planner.
  • Founder, Dave’s Brewery Tours, Aussie Ale Walks, Institute of Beer, and Dave’s Travel Group, all of Australia.

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Don Littlefield

a man smiling for the camera
  • Born and raised in Portland, Maine.
  • Former UPS data supervisor and restaurant GM.
  • General Manager of Brew Bus Tours which includes Maine Brew Bus, Portland Maine, Mass Brew Bus, Boston, MA, and Rhode Island Brew Bus, Providence, RI.

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