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Craft Brewery Tours and More in Huntsville, Alabama

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logoHuntsville Brews Cruise provides craft brewery tours and more in Huntsville, Alabama. We offer educational public and private tours that are expertly designed and guided to provide an inside look into the local craft alcohol scene.

Let the team from Huntsville Brews Cruise bring you to explore the locally-owned craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries. Cheers!

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Private and Corporate Tours

Take your group on board the Huntsville Brews Cruise and let our local experts show you around. 

Your specialized tour could visit local sites for everyone to participate in fun activities. It could incorporate a round of golf, a visit to a historical site, live music, and many more options.

With these private tours, we can be flexible on start times and pick-up and drop-off locations.

Let us know about any specific places that your group would like to visit. We will do our best to accommodate them on your private tour. We love trying to make the impossible possible! Learn more…


a man standing in a kitchenHuntsville is a very dynamic place with an active and growing local population. In fact, Huntsville recently became the city in Alabama with the largest population. Of note, there is an Army base next to Huntsville, the University of Alabama Huntsville campus in town, and a growing defense and space industry complex that includes the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and numerous defense industry and IT companies.

Our family was drawn to Huntsville because of the schools, job opportunities, amenities, and housing prices – and many more people are doing the same!

Of course, lots of people come to visit Huntsville and the surrounding area. We have some truly unique craft alcohol experiences to offer both locals and visitors. Downtown we have a former middle school that has been transformed into a space that houses breweries, restaurants, a coffee shop, meeting spaces, a ballroom, and bars. Elsewhere in the complex, you can find other fun places like an arcade, ax-throwing, and a wine bar.

Across town, you’ll find bars and restaurants that make visiting downtown worthwhile. From Phat Sammy’s, a tiki bar, to Sip, a swanky cigar bar, there are options for everyone.

There are craft breweries of all sizes around the city including Straight to Ale, Yellowhammer, Chandler’s Ford Brewing, Innerspace Brewing, Salty Nut, Green Bus Brewing, and Mad Malts. There is a Craft Beer Trail to follow, and recently the Downtown Huntsville Craft Cocktail Trail was unveiled which includes seven stops each offering a specific cocktail made for the trail.

I am a beer enthusiast and homebrewer. I have a nice homebrew system in my garage and I enjoy making various styles and variations. My favorite types of beer to drink and brew are porters, kolsch’s, and IPAs. My wife enjoys drinking sour beers, wine, and mixed drinks – especially with friends.

An example of just how enthusiastic I am about craft beer is a road trip that we took in 2018. Over nine days, we drove around the southeast visiting friends and breweries. We jumped off from Columbus GA and traveled through Nashville, TN, to Richmond, VA, down to Fayetteville, NC, through Athens, GA, and back home again.

I visited 15 breweries on the trip, and as a family, we visited eight more. Our two sons had a blast and we made memories that we’ll always cherish!

Let me show you the best of what Rocket City has to offer for beer, spirits, and more…on Huntsville Brews Cruise!

~ Patrick Armour

Tour Partners

Such A Fun Time May 2022

Had such a fun time, would definitely recommend!

– Drew M., Google
Seriously Fantastic May 2022

Altogether excellent tour. I'm very excited to try it several more times since they visit different spots. Everyone in Huntsville knows we have an excellent craft beer scene. These guys help showcase that in a direct way.

– Lloyd T., Google
Great Tour Of Huntsville Breweries May 2022

Great tour of Huntsville Breweries. So much fun and delicious brews to sample.

– Beth H., Google
Awesome experience! May 2022

This is the perfect way to visit and sample different breweries that you may not know exist in Huntsville.

– Brad D., Google
Experience Huntsville Breweries May 2022

A fun way to experience Huntsville breweries. Bring a group and sample different and delicious beers.

– Beth H., Facebook
Super Friendly And Knowledgeable May 2022

Pat was great!! Super friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend it.

– Michael S., Google
Shows Off The Beer Scene In Downtown Huntsville May 2022

The Downtown Tour was a great way to explore the craft beer scene in Huntsville. Very interested in checking out the other tours offered. The beers were very tasty at each location. Interstellar offered their top selling summer beers - very flavorful and refreshing. Green Bus offered their best sellers as well as a tour of their brewing room. The owner gave the tour and was very thorough about the process of brewing as well as some neat facts about the brewery. Our last stop was Chandlers Ford Brewing (in BeeZr) where they had some pizza for us to try as well as their top beers. This stop was also very informative about the pour method, aroma, and glass styles. The tour was full of incredible beer and really shows off the beer scene in downtown Huntsville.

– Nick P., Google
I Will Definitely Book Again May 2022

Had so much fun. The owners were great and so outgoing! I will definitely book again!

– Terri Y., Google
Awesome Fun! May 2022

Grab a group of friends and schedule a cruise.

– Dustin A., Facebook
Everyone In Huntsville Should Try It Out May 2022

I had the best time on Huntsville Brews Cruise!! The people behind this are so professional and friendly. Everyone in Huntsville should try it out!

– Gracie W., Google
Highly Recommend! May 2022

Excellent tour, great company, phenomenal tour guide. Patrick is very outgoing, friendly, and knowledgeable. He adds some good insight when traveling to different breweries. Excited to get a group of us to go and continue to explore the hidden treasures/breweries here in Huntsville. See you guys again soon, THANKS! Highly recommend!

– Jackie D., Google
An Awesome Time! May 2022

I had an awesome time, Patrick is great and knowledgeable guide. I highly recommend for a group of friends for a night out.

– Dustin A., Google