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Brews Cruise

Local Craft Beverage Tours Across the United States

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Welcome to Brews Cruise!

Celebrating 15 years of providing unforgettable craft alcohol tours and experiences across the United States.
Explore the finest craft breweries, wineries, distilleries, and unique attractions with us. Choose a city below ↓

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Las Vegas, NV

Cruising September 2021


Philadelphia, PA

Coming Soon!

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Nashville, TN

Want a Brews Cruise in your favorite town?

Brews Cruise aims to help visitors meet brewers and enjoy their tasty crafts. If your city or town has at least four craft breweries, you can start a Brews Cruise! Click the “Join Our Family” button to learn more.

The Ultimate Local Craft Beer Brewery Tours

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Experience the best brewery tours in the U.S.! Brews Cruise is your premier source of educational brewery tours. Learn more about your local breweries through various craft beer activities and beer tasting. With 12 locations, Brews Cruise provides craft beer tours that do not just quench your thirst for the best-tasting beers in your area but also cultivate your knowledge about brewing beer.

With more brewing companies operating, the need to know more about local breweries is more important than ever. This growth paved the way for the expansion of the American beer culture. This means that more people have the privilege to appreciate the taste and learn more about the different brewing processes.

Brews Cruise brewery tours connect people, not just beer enthusiasts, with locally crafted beer. Brews Cruise’s mission is to connect more people with the local breweries so you can experience how beers are created and at the same time enjoy them. Consumers seek to “connect” and experience the brand themselves.

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What is Brews Cruise?

Brews Cruise is a mobile brewery tour company providing educational beer tasting tours to local craft breweries. Brews Cruise offers an exclusive brewery tour experience for those seeking a fun way to learn how craft beer is created and meet the fine folks who work hard to produce beer locally.

  • As new breweries open their doors, Brews Cruise helps them showcase their talent!
  • There are over 8000 craft breweries nationwide! Brews Cruise highlights several in each city we serve.
  • Our mission is to help visitors meet local breweries and enjoy their tasty crafts.
  • Our brewery tours operate with a minimum of three craft brewery options.
  • We specialize in corporate groups, private tours, wedding parties, and everything in between.