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Brews Cruise

Local Craft Beverage Tours Across the United States

Since 2006, we’ve been crafting unforgettable journeys through America’s finest craft alcohol destinations.
Join us in an exploration of the tastes and tales that define our nation’s craft brewery, winery, and distillery landscape.

News from the Brews Cruise Family

Wine vs Beer: Which is Better?

The age-old debate between beer and wine enthusiasts has created a spectacular divide, much like choosing between team superhero and team wizard in the world of drink fandom. While personal preference reigns supreme, it’s fascinating how these two beloved beverages dance differently with our health. Beyond the taste that tantalizes our taste buds, beer and…

What is Included on an All-Inclusive Tour with Brews Cruise?

Brews Cruise tours that are offered across the country are designed in an all-inclusive format. You pay one time for our tour ticket, and we make sure that the rest of your experience is covered. But what does that actually mean? We want to ensure our guests have an experience they will never forget, which…

The 5 Newest Brews Cruise Locations That Are Driving You to Drink Local!

A lot has changed over the past two years, and sometimes it is hard to keep up. It has happened to us, as some of our fans have told us they didn’t know about the five new Brews Cruise locations that have opened recently. Don’t worry, we have put them all in a list for…

Welcome to Brews Cruise!

Celebrating over 15 years of providing unforgettable craft alcohol tours and experiences across the United States.
Explore the finest craft breweries, wineries, distilleries, and unique attractions with us. Choose a city below ↓

Available Locations

Want a Brews Cruise in your favorite town?

Brews Cruise aims to help visitors meet brewers and enjoy their tasty crafts. If your city or town has at least four craft breweries, you can start a Brews Cruise! Click the “Join Our Family” button to learn more.

The Ultimate Local Craft Beverage Tours

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Experience the best brewery and more tours in the U.S.! 

Brews Cruise is your premier source of educationally-focused craft beverage tours and more. Learn more about your local breweries, wineries, and distilleries through our expertly guided tours and activities.

With close to 15 locations throughout the U.S., Brews Cruise provides craft beverage tours that do not just quench your thirst for the best-tasting craft alcohol but our partnership with the producers means that you will hear directly from them about their individual stories and business focus.

Brews Cruise tours connect people, not just drinking enthusiasts, with locally crafted beer, wine, and spirits. They are educational experiences designed to highlight the people, the process, and the products.

Our mission is to connect more people with our local producing partners so each and every guest can go behind the scenes and learn more about the industry than could be done without a guided tour. Join one of our cruises and see for yourself!

Brews Cruise, Inc.

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What is Brews Cruise?

Brews Cruise is a mobile craft beverage tour company providing educational tasting tours to local craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries.

Tours and activities are generally offered on a vehicle such as a van or a minibus, but some locations offer tours on foot, on bikes, on kayaks, and on powered boats.

Brews Cruise offers an exclusive tour experience for those seeking a fun way to learn how various types of craft alcohol are created and meet the fine folks who work hard to produce great-tasting products locally.

  • As new companies open their doors, Brews Cruise tours help them to showcase their company and products! Many of our tour partners have been open only three years or less.
  • There are nearly 9,000 craft breweries nationwide! Brews Cruise highlights several in each city we serve.
  • But we are more than just beer! Many tours visit cider-makers, wineries, kombucha producers, hard seltzer creators, distilleries, and more
  • Our mission is to help guests in each of our destinations enjoy an expertly guided experience to meet the local producers of craft alcohol at their site and enjoy their tasty crafts.
  • Nearly all of our tours operate with a minimum of three stops, and tour tickets are all-inclusive. That means the alcohol samples are pre-paid!
  • We specialize in corporate groups, private tours, wedding parties, and everything in between. Contact the individual locations to see what they can do to make your next group activity something truly special and memorable.