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The Three P’s of Walla Walla Brews Cruise:
People, Process and Product

Walla Walla is known for wine, but it’s also home to plentiful craft beer and cider. Alongside thousands of acres of vineyards are century-old wheat fields and orchards stretching across the valley. Generations of wheat farmers have made their home in Walla Walla and now support a growing community of brewers.

At Walla Walla Brews Cruise, our tours are knowledge-based. The people behind the tours are Brent and Suzanne. Brent is a Walla Walla native and retired career firefighter. Suzanne is a transplant from the Finger Lakes region of Central New York and has lived in Walla Walla for close to 20 years. When not driving the tour bus, Suzanne is an anthropology professor at Whitman College.

On our tours, you will learn more about the process of brewing beers and crafting cider, with a guided discussion of varying styles of alcohol, and what makes each partner that we visit unique.

Our standard bus tour’s average length is four hours but may vary depending on the itinerary. You get to taste various samples at each brewery location.

So, if you are a homebrewer, a newbie in the brewery, or a simple beer lover, joining a Walla Walla brewery tour is the thing for you. Book online now! Read our FAQ here.

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