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Planning A Brew Bus Tour For Your Company

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The summer is winding down…and it is time to buckle down and settle into a more steady workflow. But may have already noticed you and your colleagues are already getting the work blues.

What can be done to boost office morale this fall? A corporate tour on The Maine Brew Bus can be a great tool that can uplift spirits in the office for some necessary team building and bonding.

A corporate brew bus tour is a unique twist to the traditional team building events. It allows more time for coworkers to get together in a new environment, and takes the stress and negative stigma away from typical team building activities.

Many leaders look at team gatherings outside of the office as a splurge, when in all actuality it is an investment in your people. Team building activities and social events are proven to increase employee engagement and enhance company culture.

Here are some tips and tricks in successfully planning an office tour with the Brew Bus.

Define Purpose & Goals

There may not be much room for discussing concrete business goals and objectives when taking the tour due to visits to each of the locations and the alcohol being consumed.

As the leader of this team outing, consider scheduling the tour around a conference or sales meeting so that it serves as an incentive to all of the hard work you’ve all just accomplished! For the ride, create trivia questions that are aligned with your company or goals you’ve just discussed.

Pick a date

It is standard for most company leaders to plan their companies team building event for a Thursday or Friday. Since there will be beer or other craft alcohol being consumed during your time with us, it may be a good idea to plan your tour on a Friday, so that your employees and peers feel the smooth transition from weekday to weekend.

Let your employees know far in advance when this is taking place so that they do not feel stripped away last minute from any projects they may be working on.

Create a budget

There are several things to consider when creating your budget. Before booking your tour, decide on the following:

  • Will this be an afternoon or an early evening tour?
  • Would you like the bus to pick everybody up at your office, or perhaps at a nearby hotel?
  • Do you want to feed the team?
  • Would you like the group to participate in additional activities outside of the beer tour? (e.g  laser tag or bowling)

Once you’ve decided on all of the above, let us know your preferences and needs, and we will be sure to work within them while factoring in your budget.

We’ve even got a handy corporate tour planning guide to assist you in this part of the process.

Rally the troops

Rule of thumb – Do not make this team building event mandatory!

Contrary to our beliefs, not everyone likes to drink beer or drink at all. Some employees and peers may have projects that are due around the time of your event that they would like to focus on. As mentioned before, let your employees know well in advance about this event so your colleagues can plan ahead. Emphasize the importance of attending the event, while also appreciating their dedication to their work. After all, you want to make this a fun and effective activity rather than a forced one.

Depending on the size of your organization, you may want to register your team’s event online to keep track of who is coming. This is ideal for larger groups so that you can communicate to only those who can actually attend or want to attend, and add in any event details that are easily accessible.


As far as logistics go, communicate with us for pick up and drop off locations. We may be able to customize this portion of your trip in order to accommodate your team. Be sure to remind each guest to bring their I.D for the tour.

Maintain the excitement

We promise for who attended the tour, you will have a story to tell to those who couldn’t make it, which is what we strive for! However, sooner or later the hype of the tour will die down and it will be up to you to keep the employees engaged on other levels. Some ways to do this could be:

  • Weekly employee roundups to discuss company or individual employee success
  • Holiday parties
  • Make Brew Bus tours an annual perk!

Book a Brew Bus tour today to create memorable moments with your peers and employees.

Bond over Brews!

Learn more about Corporate Tours on

The Maine Brew Bus!

The Maine Brew Bus offers group tours for up to 50 people complete with customized pick-up and drop-off options. We can create an experience for your company as part of staff retreats, celebration events, holiday parties, retirements, sales meetings, or for any reason. Tour stops can be customized to fit the schedule and needs of your company, and can always include a mix of breweries, wineries, and distilleries. Lunch, dinner, or other types of entertainment offerings are all available. We’d love to talk about the additional offerings that we have for your group.