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Corporate Tours

“Pours of Portland” Tours Now Available For Larger Groups

We now own a bus that can hold more than 14 people! Introducing our Pours of Portland private tour options on Saturdays for larger groups that can feature an all-beer, all-wine, or a mixed alcohol itinerary. For almost the first seven years of our company history, we only acquired and utilized mid-size buses that have…

Hold Your Next Team Outing With Us on the Bus!

It’s always a challenge to plan a great team outing. You want to get everyone out of the office and get to know each other socially, but you don’t want to do the same activity as last time. How do you make it interesting and memorable for everyone? We have a great solution for you…

Planning A Brew Bus Tour For Your Company

The summer is winding down…and it is time to buckle down and settle into a more steady workflow. But may have already noticed you and your colleagues are already getting the work blues. What can be done to boost office morale this fall? A corporate tour on The Maine Brew Bus can be a great…

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