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Alcohol History

5 Health Benefits of Beer

Beer is fun to enjoy. There are so many styles and flavors to explore. Beer tells the history of civilizations, cultures, and of agricultural necessities. People have enjoyed beer for centuries, in good times and in bad. But…is beer good for your health? Here are 5 reasons why beer is actually good for you and…

Where Did Beer Originate From?

While enjoying a pint of craft beer, have you ever stopped and wondered about the history of the world’s most popular fermented beverage? We often hear this question from guests on our Brews Cruise tours. We’ve put together a lesson on the origins of beer from its oldest records all the way to the present day,…

Maine Beer: Learning from the past with Josh Christie

How has the State of Maine, infamous for their fight for prohibition almost 70 years before the ban of alcohol went national, come to be one of the top beer destinations in the world? On a recent Monday, The Maine Brew Bus welcomed author, beer and book enthusiast, and bookstore owner Josh Christie to elaborate on…

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