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New Beer Adventures On Casco Bay

a boat is docked next to a body of water

Our new partnerships have allowed us to expand our offerings not only on land but also on the sea! Here are three new options to enjoy Maine craft brews while cruising around Portland Harbor and Casco Bay this season. It’s getting closer to the Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start to the Maine summer…

Where Did Beer Originate From?

a hand holding a cup

While enjoying a pint of craft beer, have you ever stopped and wondered about the history of the world’s most popular fermented beverage? We often hear this question from guests on our Brews Cruise tours. We’ve put together a lesson on the origins of beer from its oldest records all the way to the present day,…

Introducing…Maine Brews Cruise!

a close up of a bottle

After nine years of being known as The Maine Brew Bus, we have aligned our craft beverage tour and activity operations with that of the national company we acquired last year. Please welcome Maine Brews Cruise! It is now official: our Portland-based companies are now truly recognized as part of the Brews Cruise brand. It signals…

Power Around Casco Bay With Our New Brews Cruise Options

a house with a large rock

With the waters of Portland Harbor and Casco Bay all around you—and with the wind in your hair—you take a sip from another amazing Maine craft beer and drink in the amazing sights that are everywhere. We have three new options this summer for open-air activities on comfortable and safe powered boats. Check out our…

Vestigo Travel Group acquires Brews Cruise, Inc.


MAINE BREW BUS JOINS WITH AUSTRALIAN TOUR COMPANY TO FORM VESTIGO TRAVEL GROUP – ANNOUNCES THE ACQUISITION OF BREWS CRUISE, INC.   PORTLAND, Maine, February 3, 2020 – A new Maine-based travel group has been developed by two experienced tour operators from the U.S. and Australia. Vestigo Travel Group is owned by Zach Poole, the founder…

5 Events that are Perfect for Cruisin’ for a Brewsin’

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5 Events that are Perfect for Cruisin’ for a Brewsin’ Brewery tours are fun and exciting when made with family and friends. You get to taste different types of beers and learn the behind the scenes of brewing beers. Brewery tours are not just for beer tasting, they can also be awesome for parties, celebrations…

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Brewery Tour

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Brewery Tour Are you excited to go on a brewery tour? Going on a trip can be very exciting especially when it is your first time experiencing a new adventure. Just like any other tour, you also need to plan and prepare when going on a brewery tour….

The Best Breweries in New Orleans

a van parked on the side of a building

10 Best Breweries that You can Tour with New Orleans Brews Cruise New Orleans is a city in Louisiana located along the Mississippi River. This city is known as the Big Easy because of its round-the-clock and active nightlife. It is also known as a good tourist destination. One of the best things they can…

10 Must-Try Brews in the Carolinas

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10 Must-Try Brewed to Perfection Beers in North and South Carolina North and South Carolina are greatly endowed with tourist destinations including Charleston, Asheville, Outer Banks off the coast of North Carolina, Hilton Head, and Greenville. When visiting the Carolinas, one of the most exciting and interesting items that should be in your bucket list…

Maine Beer Tours | Brews Cruise on Casco Bay

a boat is docked next to a body of water

When I think of the summertime in Portland, all I can picture myself doing is hanging out on a boat somewhere, enjoying delicious local beer, and living the way life should be. There isn’t anything much better than cruising around Casco Bay on a perfect sunny day enjoying everything the islands, cliffs, and water have…