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10 Must-Try Brews in the Carolinas

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10 Must-Try Brewed to Perfection Beers in North and South Carolina North and South Carolina are greatly endowed with tourist destinations including Charleston, Asheville, Outer Banks off the coast of North Carolina, Hilton Head, and Greenville. When visiting the Carolinas, one of the most exciting and interesting items that should be in your bucket list…

Greenville Brews Cruise

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About Us Greenville is the largest city in Greenville County, South Carolina. Greenville has long been known as The Textile Capital of the World until the textile industry mostly moved overseas.   In the last few decades, favorable wages and tax benefits, as well as prestigious awards and flattering reviews have attracted foreign companies to…

Take a Sip of These 3 Brew-mazing Advantages of U.S. Brewery Tours

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Joining a brewery tour is a perfect way to taste a selection of brews and at the same time learn more about this growing culinary tourism. In 2016, the Brewery Association reported a 10%-dollar sales growth, with over $23 billion in the craft beer market. With this, more breweries are now operating in the US…

A Brewin’ View: America’s 12 Best Brewery Tours

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America’s 12 Best Brewery Tours Beer has always been part of our culture whether we drink it alone while relaxing on a hot day or enjoying and celebrating with friends, there isn’t a doubt about beer’s popularity and this can be proven by the thousands upon thousands of craft beer breweries brewing all across the…

Thinking About Attending a Craft Beer Festival?

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The Not-So-Obvious Way to Survive a Craft Beer Festival As they say, joining brewery tours is the best justification to be able to consume beer objectively. At the most, the goal can be as simple as drinking beer while standing exactly on the place where it has been made. This is exactly the same reason…

Welcome Honolulu Brews Cruise!

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We would like to welcome a new addition to the Brews Cruise Brewery Tour Family! Aloha! Honolulu Brews Cruise welcomes you! Take part of the Oahu growing craft beer industry, through educational craft beer brewery tours and learn more about the island’s most sought after beers. Our Honolulu Brews Cruise brewery tours provide their guests…

With a laid-back attitude and eclectic nightlife, Asheville, N.C., knows it’s hip

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Asheville Convention & Visitors BureauThe Blue Ridge Mountains rise behind the skyline of Asheville, N.C., a compact town with a big-city vibe. ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Despite its Southern latitude, Asheville always has been cool, because it has mountain altitude, which means it’s always a shade less sultry in the summer than most of Dixie. But…