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Dan Keller

Do you have any recommendations?

“We’re really looking forward to the tour, but can you recommend…”. This a phrase we get everyday, no matter the season. The good news is, we’ve got you covered! We understand that vacation time is precious, and most people are looking for the most bang-for-the-buck experiences. The most basic rules of economics reign supreme: it’s…

Three Days in Portland, Maine: Dan Keller

In the next edition in the Three Days in Portland, Maine series, our Operations Coordinator Dan Keller shares his thoughts on all the fun to be had in and around Maine’s largest city. Ahhh, sweet vacation in Portland! Soak it in, you lucky dog. It’s time for a little well-earned R&R. Before departing on your trip to Maine’s largest city, you might want to have some ideas of great places to go. I’ve compiled a list of cool spots that are true favorites of ours around Greater Portland. Day 1: Upon arriving in Portland and getting settled, the first thing I would suggest is to swing downtown to Bard Coffee (185 Middle Street | 207-899-4788) and grab one of the best cups in town. If you’re feeling that you need something a little sweeter, go with the sweet chai for the perfect…

Welcome to our Team – Dan Keller

In all honesty, I never intended or saw myself working in any alcohol-related industry. I wanted to be a music producer. Turns out you have to be halfway decent at music to do so, making me exceptionally unqualified. Fate had a different strategy for me, one that started off as a hobby and quickly grew…

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