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All Inclusive

Tours for the Cruise Ship Visitor to Portland

There are 100 visits by cruise ships planned for Portland this year, bringing up to 150,000 new visitors to experience Portland for a handful of hours. We have designed several tour times that are perfect for these short-term visits, and now we have them matched up to each cruise ship visit through the rest of…

7 Reasons To Take A Brew Bus Tour

We know that our pricing may seem high to some people in order to visit the many breweries, wineries, and distilleries around the area. We hear the objections every day from people who are only looking at pricing instead of the full scope of what we are delivering. So what do you really get for…

What is Included on an All-Inclusive Tour with Maine Brews Cruise?

An all-inclusive tour could mean a lot of different things. We want to make sure our guests have an experience they will never forget, which could be hard to do if you had to pay for everything along the way. So we created all of our tours in an all-inclusive format. So what exactly does Maine Brews Cruise provide for each guest on our tours? Samples Tasters and flights at each stop are included in your ticket price. Each location that we visit will provide a sample of their latest or most sought-after craft alcohol products. For the time that we are there, you can expect multiple samples to explore different styles and brands. You are not obligated to finish all of the samples, we’re sure there will be somebody nearby to help you out. Our tours always include beer,…

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