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Tours for the Cruise Ship Visitor to Portland

a large ship in the water

There are 100 visits by cruise ships planned for Portland this year, bringing up to 150,000 new visitors to experience Portland for a handful of hours. We have designed several tour times that are perfect for these short-term visits, and now we have them matched up to each cruise ship visit through the rest of the season on our new Cruise Ship Tours page.

Several ships have already called on Portland this year, but the bulk of the visits occur from August through October.

This timing is important as cruise lines intentionally move their vessels out of the peak of the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean.

Many years ago they decided to find calmer waters in the late summer and early fall. They realized that if they could operate some routes in New England and Maritime Canada, they could avoid rough seas and itinerary changes that cost the cruise companies a lot of money.

These northern cruises are often priced fairly reasonably, as the destinations are not tropical beaches in the Carribean. A quick look at some upcoming cruises shows there are 7-day itineraries available this fall for under $500 a person.

As you can imagine, visiting New England during the fall foliage season and also the amazing maritime provinces of Canada is quite a popular combination.

These cruises are attractive to travelers who are mostly from the United States and are looking for a budget getaway.

Portland is a great port of call, as the cruise ship docks are just a short walk from the concentration of unique shops that make up the Old Port area.

Along that walk is the pickup and drop-off location for our tours—Old Port Spirits and Cigars.

A new Cruise Ship Tours page on our website puts together all of the information that a cruise traveler might want to know about our tours.

For each date that a ship is calling on Portland, we have looked at the arrival, all aboard, and departure times.

We coordinated that information with our daily Maine Brew Bus tour schedule and put all of the options that will work on our Cruise Ship Tours page.

If you or someone you know is planning to visit Portland on a cruise ship this year, have them visit our new Cruise Ship Tours page so that plans can be made now with us on the bus!

Visit the Cruise Ship Tours page now!

Don Littlefield is the General Manager of Brew Bus Tours. He enjoyed an Alanzo’s Double Dark coffee from Coffee by Design while preparing this post. Twitter @BeerinME