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Top 5 Beer and Food Pair in Raleigh, NC

a plate of food on a table

Raleigh is known for its delectable craft beers. Local beer enthusiasts, as well as tourists, enjoy the mouthwatering taste of Raleigh’s freshly brewed beers.

Some beer patrons enjoy drinking beer with their favorite food. Most of our Raleigh breweries offer menus that will surely fill your tummy and level up your satisfaction.

Whether you will drink beer on a brewery tour or enjoy a bottle by your patio, it is best to drink your favorite beer with local specialties. Here are the top 5 beer and food pair you can enjoy when in Raleigh, NC:

#1 Neopolitan Pizza and Bond Brothers Beer

Bond Brothers Beer Company has been voted as The Best New Brewery” in 2017. They offer 14 outstanding beers in their taproom. Some of the best Bond Brothers beers are Black Raspberry Sorcery, Imperial Stout and American Kettle Sour

These beers are best paired with Neapolitan Pizza such as Margherita or Salumi Pizza. Savor the taste of cheese and other pizza toppings as you gulp your favorite Bond Brothers beer. Bond Brothers Beer Company is dedicated to crafting mouthwatering lagers, sours and ales

#2 Prime Rib and Lonerider Ales

Lonerider Brewing Company is known for its West Texas-themed brewery and taproom called “The Wake Forest Hideout.” With over 30 kinds of beer, you will surely be impressed with the strong, uncompromising and serious taste of every brew.

Lonerider ales are best savored with prime ribs. Whether roasted or slow-cooked in steak sauce, prime ribs will boost the goodness in Shotgun Betty German Style or West Coast Style American Pale Ale.

#3 Mediterranean Food and Raleigh Brewing Company Beers

It has become Raleigh Brewing Company’s mission to embrace the City of Oaks with every beer they brew. They offer a family-oriented taproom which is open 7 days a week.

Raleigh Brewing Company is known for its year-round beers including Coffee Hidden Pipe Porter, House of Clay Rye IPA, Hell Yes Ma’am Golden Ale and Walter Imperial IPA. These delectable beers are best paired with Mediterranean food such as Armenian losh kebab, Tabouli, Falafel and Crete.

#4 Dessert and Nickelpoint European Style Beers

Nickelpoint Brewing Company was originally founded by two brothers who home-brew quality and fine tasting craft beers. They are committed to producing beer with a reverence for historical styles.

Nickelpoint Brewing Company is known for their European style beers such as Vienna Lager, Blonde Ale and Belgian Golden Ale. Each beer they craft enhances the sweetness in Raleigh’s favorite desserts like peanut butter mousse pie, sugar cookies and carrot cake.

#5 Tasty Short Dishes and Lynnwood Selection

Lynnwood Brewing  Concern (LBC) is known for its locally brewed, lovingly crafted and award-winning beers. They won 3 gold medals for their Once You Go Black Ale, Hop on Top Strong Pale Ale and Hop Sauce IPA.

LBC offers an indoor space and a beer garden where family and friends can hangout. Enjoy charbroiled oysters, crispy buttermilk fried quails and togarashi seasoned popcorn with any of LBC’s year-round, seasonal and collaborative beers.

These are the top 5 beer and food pair that you may want to try when you are in Raleigh, NC. You and your loved ones can enjoy beer sampling with these 5 amazing breweries when you book for a Raleigh Brews Cruise.

Each of our Raleigh Brews Cruise includes 3 to 4 breweries with an average of 4 hours depending on the itinerary of the tour. It is also highly recommended that all riders must be at least 21 years old

We provide knowledge-based and tour guided beer sampling adventure. Our Raleigh Brews Cruise is perfect for birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, corporate events and family reunions.

What are you waiting for?

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