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April Pours: Four Refreshing Craft Beers to Welcome Spring in Maine

The days continue to stretch into evening, signaling that April’s here—and in Maine, that means we’re stepping into what we like to call ‘spring of deception.‘ While the weather remains unpredictable, our four-pack picks for April are consistent in their refreshing and drinkable flavors, yet just diverse enough for whatever this season throws at us….

Pours & Pucks is Back in Portland, Maine: A Hat-Trick of Fun and Flavors

Friday’s this Winter and Spring: Jan 19, Feb 16, March 15, April 12 Join us for a lively evening of hockey and hops with our Pours & Pucks tour. In partnership with the Maine Mariners, you’ll dive into Portland’s dynamic beer culture at breweries like Lone Pine Brewing & Three of Strong. Then, feel…

Maine Beer Tours | Bike and Brews Tour

Join us for an afternoon of biking, discovery, and craft beer on our brand new Bike and Brews tour in collaboration with our bicycle-loving friends at Summer Feet Cycling. Portland is a great city for biking, and for craft alcohol. And with so many craft breweries and other producers located near safe biking paths, Maine…

Maine Beer Tours | Brews Cruise on Casco Bay

When I think of the summertime in Portland, all I can picture myself doing is hanging out on a boat somewhere, enjoying delicious local beer, and living the way life should be. There isn’t anything much better than cruising around Casco Bay on a perfect sunny day enjoying everything the islands, cliffs, and water have…