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April Pours: Four Refreshing Craft Beers to Welcome Spring in Maine

Four different beer cans overlay a background of cherry blossoms. Maine Craft Beer Picks for April weather.

The days continue to stretch into evening, signaling that April’s here—and in Maine, that means we’re stepping into what we like to call ‘spring of deception.‘ While the weather remains unpredictable, our four-pack picks for April are consistent in their refreshing and drinkable flavors, yet just diverse enough for whatever this season throws at us.

Close up of four different Maine craft brewery cans of beer.

This month, we dive into the heart of Maine’s craft beer innovation with a diverse selection from the Portland Beer Hub. From the crisp, enlightening sips of a session IPA to the delicate floral notes of a Japanese rice lager, each selection embodies the fresh, invigorating spirit of spring.

Let’s get started!

Rising Tide Brewing Co. – Maine Island Trail Ale (Session IPA)

Rising Tide MITA IPA Can with Fishing Lures on the side of a boat.

Photo courtesy of Rising Tide Brewing Co.


With its bright malt body and bold notes of citrus and pine, the Maine Island Trail Ale is a testament to Maine’s natural beauty and adventurous spirit. At 4.3% ABV, this session IPA is as refreshing as it is flavorful, making it the perfect companion for any of Maine’s outdoor pursuits. Celebrating the Maine Island Trail in 2024, this beer is a smooth, drinkable IPA that captures the essence of Maine’s coast.




Trinken Brewing Co. – A New Beginning (Japanese Rice Lager)

Close up of a can of Trinken Breweries New Beginnings Rice Lager

Photo courtesy of Trinken Brewing


A New Beginning is a delicate and clean Japanese Rice Lager, elegantly infused with a hint of Sakura blossom. This 4.8% ABV beer offers a unique balance of sweet, floral notes, making it a light and crisp choice that’s perfectly suited for the warmer days ahead. The subtle, sweet cherry blossom finish introduces a fresh perspective on traditional lager brewing, marking a new season of brewing innovation.




Belleflower Brewing – Gilded Meadow (Dunkel)

Gild Meadow can of beer can with goblet of beer in the woods

Photo courtesy of Belleflower Brewing



Gilded Meadow stands out with its handsome brown pour and toffee, raisin, and light caramel aroma. This Munich Dunkel style beer, at 5.1% ABV, brings dark beer flavors to the forefront without weighing down your palate. Its pleasant, easy-drinking nature makes it a surprisingly refreshing choice for those looking to explore the depth of darker brews this spring.



Battery Steele Brewing – Looming Illusion (Fruited Gose with Vanilla)

Battery Steele Looming Illusion beer can and beer poured in glass.

Photo courtesy of Battery Steele Brewing



Looming Illusion is a masterful blend of mango, orange, pineapple, coconut, and vanilla in a sour-fruited Gose. This 7.4% ABV beer offers a complex but easy-sipping experience, with a balance of tartness, fruitiness, and a hint of saltiness. It’s an inventive take on the Gose style, perfect for sipping as the weather warms, and showcasing the creativity at the heart of Maine’s craft beer scene.




April in Maine might be full of surprises weather-wise, but one thing’s for sure: these four selections bring the promise of refreshment and the spirit of innovation right to your glass.

Discover the full spectrum of Maine’s craft beer offerings on an immersive Maine Brews Cruise beer or craft beverage tour.Enjoy generous pours and explore the stories and techniques behind exceptional Portland brews firsthand.

In the meantime, pop over to the Portland Beer Hub and join us in our anticipation of true spring, one sip at a time.

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