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Welcome Honolulu Brews Cruise!

a group of clouds in the sky over a body of water

We would like to welcome a new addition to the Brews Cruise Brewery Tour Family!

Aloha! Honolulu Brews Cruise welcomes you! Take part of the Oahu growing craft beer industry, through educational craft beer brewery tours and learn more about the island’s most sought after beers.

Our Honolulu Brews Cruise brewery tours provide their guests with an AMAZING experience of the craft beer scene in Oahu.

Also known as “The Gathering Place”, Oahu is a great place to enjoy with friends, warm sun, and delightful frothy concoction of malt, hops, and local ingredients that give craft beers a distinctive twist.  

A dedicated beer aficionado, Kristian Edwards started Honolulu Brews Cruise to provide an amazing brewery experience by giving you the best of quality American craft beers plus the well-known Hawaiian hospitality.

Be part of their Ohana. With Honolulu Brews Cruise, we are one big family! Cheers and Mahalo!