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Greenville Brews Cruise

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About Us

Greenville is the largest city in Greenville County, South Carolina. Greenville has long been known as The Textile Capital of the World until the textile industry mostly moved overseas.  

In the last few decades, favorable wages and tax benefits, as well as prestigious awards and flattering reviews have attracted foreign companies to invest heavily in Greenville.

Laws in South Carolina had been conservative in terms of beer brewing. However, breweries in South Carolina got a boost by the Pint Law in 2013 and the Stone Bill in 2014.  From then on, the brewing industry started to flourish in Greenville.

To experience the fun of tasting beers and learning the process of brewing and crafting beers, join a brewery tour with Greenville Brews Cruise.

The Best Greenville Brewery Tours

Greenville Brews Cruise offers the best brewery tour packages where you can experience the behind-the-scenes of beer crafting and brewing. You also get to taste samples of beers and listen to interesting stories of those who make them.

Each of Greenville Brewery Tour packages is regularly priced at $55. Each tour is a point-to-point tour to three of Greenville’s best craft breweries showcasing their brewing process and sampling and discussion of 12 to 15 kinds of beers.  Tours are scheduled every Saturday at 12:00 PM.

The Eastern Greenville Area Tour Package is offered every first and third Saturday of the month.  Breweries included for this tour package are Thomas Creek Brewery, Brewery 85, and Rail Line Brewing.


The Southern Greenville Area Tour Package is offered every second Saturday, and the tour includes visiting Upstate Craft Beer Company, Thomas Creek Brewery and Brewery 85.   

The Northern Greenville County Tour Package is offered every fourth Saturday of the month.  The tour includes trips to Swamp Rabbit Brewery and Taproom, 13 Stripes Brewery and The Southern Growl Beer Company.

Thomas Creek Brewery is a family-owned brewery that is committed to creating great handcrafted beers. They offer year-round brews, specialty brews, seasonals, atypical series, and combos.  

Sampling the River Falls Red Ale, their flagship beer that won a silver medal in the Great American Beer Festival in 2010, in their tasting room and patio area is one of the reasons why you should include Thomas Creek Brewery in your Greenville brewery tour.

Brewery 85 is a microbrewery that specializes in Southern culture of crafting beer while using traditional German brewing techniques. Enjoy their Southern Style Pale Ale,  Fishin’ Beer, Quittin’ Time, 864 Weizen and other delectable craft beers in their taproom.

Rail Line Brewing is a brewery found in the Simpsonville downtown community. They pride themselves on working with the local farmers and crafting their own beers, wines, and sodas.  They offer 18 kinds of beer on tap that will surely quench your thirst for beer.

Upstate Craft Beer Company is the Upstate’s one-stop-shop for all things craft beer.  Their taproom features 20 taps and over a hundred bottles of an ever-changing lineup of unique and experimental house blend brews.  

They offer a wide variety of the latest local, regional and international beers.  Having Upstate Craft Beer Company in your Greenville Brews Cruise will surely make your beer journey satisfying.

Swamp Rabbit Brewery and Taproom opened its doors in Travelers Rest in 2014. They offer craft beers that will keep you indulging for more.  Their beers on tap include American Pale Ale which is malty with a fruity hop flavor and Great Scotch which is a smooth beer with a nutty taste.  

They also have IPA which uses centennial and cascade hops, and White Ale which is a perfect blend of European and Midwestern barley spiced with coriander and orange peel and herbed with chamomile. And the Marzen which is a German Pilsner malt with light and dark Munich malt.  

13 Stripes Brewery is committed to helping to create and foster a community that believes in the legacies that have been passed down from one generation to the next.  They have 15 delectable crafted beers that you can enjoy during your Greenville Brews Cruise.  They also offer 5 guest taps that are a sure energize your day.

The Southern Growl Beer Company offers 60 high-quality craft beers which you can enjoy in their laid-back casual and cozy taproom. Learn the behind-the-scenes of how these freshly brewed and crafted beers are made.


Ready to hop aboard?

Join any of our Greenville brewery tours and enjoy a beer journey of learning and beer sampling. With Greenville Brews Cruise, they will make your brewery tour a one of a kind experience that will surely quench your thirst.

We offer private tours and shuttles for 10 or more persons.  To learn more about their brewery tours, call 541-419-9463.

You may book a tour now and get ready to go Cruisin’ for a Brewsin’ with the best breweries across Greenville.  Tour starts at 112:00 PM.  Hop aboard and enjoy a beer exciting journey!