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Award Winning Raleigh Brewery Tours

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The Craft Beer Capital of the South

North Carolina has been recognized as the State of Southern Beer, boasting about 245 craft breweries and beer pubs. In fact, the Triangle area which includes Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill has 40 craft breweries.

Raleigh, NC, being known as the Oak City, has been recognized as the capital of the State of Southern Beer. Raleigh, Durham and the neighboring community have become a craft brew destination, not to mention the increasing number of brewery tours over the recent years.

Brewery Tours have taken the toll in burgeoning the brewery scene and beer crafting in Raleigh, NC. The Commoner Magazine shares an award-winning Raleigh Brews Cruise experience that included learning the process, tasting the beer and enjoying the atmosphere.

Taking a brewery tour with Raleigh Brews Cruise would last for about 4 hours covering 3 distinguished breweries in Raleigh, NC.  The brewery tours do not just promote beer-tasting, but also fosters a beer learning experience.

Raleigh Brews Cruise provides a fun and informative brewery tour for visitors, tourists, and beer enthusiasts. Each tour includes a knowledge-based guided observation and discussion of the brewing process, the beer classification, and the brewery’s distinctive features.

The Commoner Magazine experienced the Beer 101 tour that included Fullsteam Brewery, Ponysaurus, and Brier Creek Beer Garden.

The Beer 101 Tour

This beer tasting and learning journey started with Fullsteam Brewery tour in Durham, NC.   

From Plow to Pint!  Fullsteam Brewery prides itself on using only the freshest local ingredients when crafting beers.  

In the Fullsteam Brewery tour, there is a detailed discussion of the brewing process, the definition of alcohol by volume or ABV, and the distinction of a lager from an ale.  Fullsteam Brewery also presented a hands-on process of seeing, touching and smelling of the prime ingredients that give Fullsteam beer its unique trademark.

Pioneering the southern beer economy, the mission of Fullsteam Brewery is to craft beers that uniquely promote local farm and food traditions of Durham, NC.  

For Fullsteam Brewery, beer is the beverage of every celebration, backyard gatherings, good food, good people, and Durham occasions.

The second brewery in the list is Ponysaurus Brewery.  The tour is welcomed by different brew styles that every beer lover would enjoy. The tour consists of beer crafting behind-the-scenes and a question and answer discussion about Ponysaurus beers.

Ponysaurus Brewery has a cold room where the temperature is maintained at 42-degrees to ensure perfectly chilled pints. The canning process and the advancements in packaging were presented to visitors.

The beer tasting activity includes a pilsner, a golden saison, a Scottish ale, a Reserve, and other Ponysaurus specials.  Ponysaurus Brewery is committed to crafting beers that are meant to be savored, appreciated, contemplated, philosophized, studied, nuzzled and mindfully guzzled.

The last stop is at Brier Creek Beer Garden that offers 52 craft beer drafts and over a hundred bottles, wines, and spirits. The cornerstone of this tour is the sampling of the end-products and enjoying the fun of a busy brewpub.

Brier Creek Beer Garden offers a spacious bar area and an outdoor seating. This part of the Raleigh Brews Cruise is an ideal last-stop of the tour because tour participants can stay and enjoy a good meal with their glass of beer.

Raleigh Brews Cruise

Craft breweries have created a cultural shift by boosting the economy and welcoming the latest innovations to the brewing industry. Brewery tours are not just about fun and beer tasting, but also the ideal way of educating ourselves with the classification of beers, crafting and brewing processes and the history behind each craft beer.

Raleigh Brews Cruise offers different packages that tourists and beer enthusiasts will surely enjoy.  We have partnered with over 30 breweries in Raleigh and Durham, NC.

Every tour promotes a great and relaxing way of appreciating the scenery while learning more about Raleigh, Durham and the nearby areas.

To enjoy a one-of-a-kind beery informative and a delightful beer tasting journey, contact us at 919-694-6299 to learn more about our Raleigh Brews Cruise tour packages.