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A Brewin’ View: America’s 12 Best Brewery Tours

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America’s 12 Best Brewery Tours

Beer has always been part of our culture whether we drink it alone while relaxing on a hot day or enjoying and celebrating with friends, there isn’t a doubt about beer’s popularity and this can be proven by the thousands upon thousands of craft beer breweries brewing all across the country.

If you love beer and are looking for a brand new, fun filled getaway then Brews Cruise is right for you.

Cruise around America’s finest breweries with these tours that are set to bubble up your interest and awaken your palate in craft beer.

A Bubblin’ AND a Brewin’: The Top Twelve Brewery Tours in America

Charlotte Brews Cruise

charlotte brewery tour

Like all the other Brews Cruise tours, Charlotte Brews Cruise offers tourists a chance to go behind the scenes of Charlotte breweries, with in-depth information and free samples that would help them not only learn about Charlotte’s brewing history but get a taste of the craft beers that they have been made famous for.

Having knowledge this extensive helps patrons appreciate and savor the beer even more. This tour aims to showcase some of Charlotte’s best and well-known breweries including Birdsong Brewing Company, Heist Brewery, Blue Blaze Brewing Company among others.

Its goal is not only to introduce tourists to the breweries but to promote knowledge and appreciation for the craft beer scene as well as foster new friendships with fellow tourists, bonding over their love for beer.

Prices for the Charlotte tour starts at $45 per person making it an affordable, enjoyable tour for groups to partake in. Book a Charlotte Brews Cruise tour now and get a taste of Charlotte’s famous craft beer.


Raleigh Brews Cruise

raleigh brewery tour

Although Raleigh might have a small craft beer scene, it has 30 local breweries to its name that will attest to Raleigh’s history of brewing beers.

Raleigh Brews Cruise takes tourists on a trip around Raleigh’s brewery scene. A standard brewery tour starts at $50 per person, the patrons of which must be 21 years of age or older, as is the requirement in all Brews Cruise tours.

Each tour is information and knowledge oriented, showing visitors the beer brewing process from grain to glass as well as showing the different styles of beer and what makes each one unique.

A standard tour lasts for four hours with behind the scene tours of the three triangle craft breweries. Samples will be provided at every location as with all Brews Cruise tours guaranteeing a deeper appreciation of the palette for craft beer that has made Raleigh so famous.  Book a Raleigh Brews Cruise tour to experience historic craft beer at its finest.


Asheville Brews Cruise

asheville brewery tour

Asheville Brews Cruise’s goal is to explore North Carolina’s craft beer scene that has existed for years and has made the state famous. Asheville Brews Cruise was established in 2006 and satisfies both the curiosity and thirst of tourists who want to go behind the scenes of Asheville’s best breweries.

Asheville Brews Cruise offers an educational, knowledge centered tour that goes behind the scenes of the breweries to show visitors the entire brewing process, making their trip more in-depth and informative. Of course, a tour around the breweries wouldn’t be complete without free refreshing samples of beer.

Asheville Brews Cruise has been reviewed by Southern Living, The New York Times, and Draft Magazine as well as a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.

With all these testimonies and accomplishments, you know for sure that Asheville Brews Cruise is a bubblin, brewing good time! If you want to experience this for yourself, book a tour now!


Atlanta Brews Cruise

atlanta brewery tour


Atlanta is best known for its historical sceneries and outstanding sceneries but aside from its merging of urban and rural landscapes, the beer scene of Atlanta is also eye catching for tourists.

Atlanta Brews Cruise is the original brewery tour in the Atlanta area that goes around the 15 innovative craft breweries it has partnered with. More breweries could only mean more acquired information about the beer making process and more free samples to try. Book an Atlanta Brews Cruise tour right now to see and taste for yourself the wondrous craft beer scene.


Arkansas Brews Cruise

arkansas brewery tour

Arkansas Brews Cruise offers a fun and informative way of learning about the breweries that Arkansas is proud of.

Every step of the entire process is shown to the visitors from grain to glass starting from the malting and mashing of grain, the hop boil, yeast fermentation, conditioning and packaging

There are two types of Arkansas Brews Cruise tours: the Downtown tour and the Brew and Bowl Tour.

The Downtown Tour costs $59 per person and takes tourists on a trip around downtown Arkansas breweries including Rebel Kettle, Stone’s Throw, and Flyway Brewing.  

Looking for another great way to enjoy your beer?

Try the Brew and Bowl tour that will take you to Professor Bowl craft beer and a bowling alley with prices at also $59 per person where patrons can brew and bowl at the same time! What a way to spend the holiday!

If you want more brewing fun, book an Arkansas Brews Cruise tour right now and set your sights and your tastes on the best craft beer Arkansas has to offer.


Bosie Brews Cruise

boise brewery tour











Who said Boise is only known for its potatoes?

With its craft beer scene booming, Idaho is now known for more than just its famous spuds!

Boise Brews Cruise takes tourists on a trip around Idaho’s best known breweries with access on the brewing process and free samples.

Among the breweries to be visited with Boise Brews Cruise are Sockeye Brewing, Payette Brewing, Crooked Fence Brewing which are some of the top notch breweries worth visiting in the Boise area.Boise Brews Cruise tour is $45 per person with four to five 4 oz. samples at each brewery.

The next time you’re around the Boise area don’t just think of their spuds. There’s more to this sunny state than just potatoes and farmlands. Book a Boise Brews Cruise and have yourself a brewin’ good time


Charleston Brews Cruise

charleston brewery tour

Hop aboard Charleston Brews Cruise to take a trip around the breweries that Charleston, South Carolina is now known for.

This brewery tour shall provide not only information regarding the breweries but free samples as well which would allow tourists to appreciate the beverages and the hard work that goes into brewing them.

Breweries to be visited include Revelry, Westbrook, Frothy Beard, and Holy City. Each brewery gives generous samples of 5-6 pours with snacks and water provided on the tour. Coolers shall also be provided for possible purchases.

There are two tours offered by Charleston Brews Cruise: A Day Tour and a Happy Hour Tour. The Happy Hour tour operates on Fridays and Saturdays for 2.5 hours, focusing more on the fun aspect than the educational aspect as it caters to the working crowd.

Palmetto and Holy City brewing are usually its targets due to the live music it plays which goes perfectly with their signature craft beers. Just like the day tour, it offers 5-6 generous pourings at each brewery.

Surely there is more to Charleston than its beautiful sceneries and rich history. Savor the flavors of Charleston’s world-class breweries by booking a Charleston Brews Cruise and experience beer like you never have before.


Denver Brews Cruise

denver brewery tour

With 8 years of experience under its belt, Denver Brews Cruise is the longest running brewery tour in the Denver area, winning “Best City Tour” in 2016 by Denver A-List Voters.

It isn’t any wonder why the Mile High City is the ideal place for cruising and brewing-it is home to sixty breweries that all serve delicious, quality craft beer.

Denver Brews Cruise offers a downtown tour in which the tour guide and the group will meet at the Red English Phone Box and tour three selected breweries.

Beer 101 is the first stop and in this tour the guide will explain the brewing process from start to finish all the while free samples being handed out.

A tour takes approximately 4 hours. Pricing for adults starts at $55 and is only available for patrons aged 21 and above.  So what are you waiting for? Book a Denver Brews Cruise tour right now and experience the hidden gems of the Mile High City and have a brewin good time!


Honolulu Brews Cruise

honolulu brewery tour

Say Aloha to Honolulu’s best brews cruise tour! Honolulu might be known for its sunny beaches and warm island hospitality but recently its breweries are getting some recognition!

Honolulu Brews Cruise is a 4 hour knowledge based tour wherein tourists learn about the brewing process from grain to glass and are told about the different classifications of beer.

A 14 passenger bus takes tourists on the Sunshine Tour which will showcase Honolulu’s best breweries that include generous samples each.

The breweries to be visited are Beer Labs Hawaii, INU Island Ales, and Lanikai Brewing company, concluding the tour with Pizza at the last stop.

The Sunshine Tour runs on Saturdays and Sundays 12:00-4:00 pm at $90 per person and $30 for non-drinkers. The second tour which is the Taste of Kaka’ako, is a trip around Oahu’s breweries on Mondays-Fridays from 4-7pm at $60/person making for an affordable good time in the Aloha State.

What better way to bask in the cool island breeze than to book a Honolulu Brews Cruise tour and get a taste of Hawaii’s best breweries that will make every sip worth your pay!

 Nashville Brews Cruise

nashville brewery tour

Aside from being home to country music, Nashville is also home to some of the best breweries in the country which patrons can now visit thanks to Nashville Brews Cruise.

Nashville Brews Cruise costs $55 per person who must be 21 years of age and above. Each brewery to be visited will provide 3-4 oz. samples with snacks and water.

The van has coolers where patrons can place the beer that has been purchased in the breweries. A standard Nashville Brews Cruise tour lasts for 3.5 hours, depending on the itinerary.

Nashville Brews Cruise is knowledge based, focused on showing tourists how the entire brewing process is down, starting at the Music Center at the Marty Dickens Terrace and concluding in downtown Nashville where visitors can catch a glimpse of its rich history evident in restaurants and famous landmarks.

There’s just so much to do in Nashville but a tour won’t be complete without booking a Nashville Brews Cruise brewery tour around their famous breweries.


New Orleans Brews Cruise

new orleans brewery tour

If you’re looking to cruise around New Orleans’ best breweries then this tour is right for you.

New Orleans is known as the pre-prohibition Brewing Capital of the South with its leading breweries responsible for revolutionizing the return of brewing into the business.

New Orleans Brews Cruise is an educational, knowledge based brewery tour that offers free samples of beverages at the brewery destinations. The tour consists of a New Orleans tour and Northshore tour with the former costing $60 per person.

The New Orleans tour is available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and visits 11 of New Orleans’ best breweries including NOLA Brewery, 504 Craft Beer Reserve and the like while the Northshore tour is $75 and available on Saturdays and Sundays, touring five breweries in the Northshore area.  

What are you waiting for? Book a New Orleans Brews Cruise tour now and find out why it was named the Brewing Capital  of the South.


Savannah Brews Cruise

savannah brewery tour

Take the Savannah Brews Cruise tour to witness the craft beer scene in Savannah, Georgia that is swiftly on the rise.

Passengers will embark on a 13 seater bus that will take them around the Savannah brewery scene with free samples at each location and an informative tour that will showcase the brewing process.

The breweries to be visited are Coastal Empire Beer Co., Southbound Brewing Company, and Ghost Coast Distillery. A full tour package costs $47-45/ person on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Tours on Thursdays and Fridays start at 3:45 pm while Saturday tours start at 12:45 pm.



Still haven’t made your mind up yet with what to do on your next trip?  

We recommend that you try out these Brews Cruise tours.

In depth, informative, educational and knowledge oriented with samples on the side and an opportunity to foster and grow friendships while traveling, it isn’t a wonder why these twelve Brews Cruise tours are America’s 12 Best Brewery Tours-the perfect balance of learning and enjoying for a price that is worth every penny.

Book your Brews Cruise tour now and see why they are the best brewery tour to have a brewsin and cruisin time on.