Brews Cruise Atlanta

Sweetwater Brewery

February 17, 1997 marked the official beginning of SweetWater Brewery, and a new style of brewing and selling beer in Atlanta as the boys wandered around Atlanta in an old van with Freddy’s dog Badger. After ending up on the wrong side of the tracks a few times, they were finally pointed in the direction of Virginia-Highlands and found a few bars willing to take a chance on them. “We’ll give you a shot as long as your dog stops begging for leftovers on our patio” was the cautious approval they needed to get the brand rolling.SweetWater’s second and current location is in Midtown Atlanta, adjacent to Ansley Park, in the Armour Circle Industrial Park just off of Piedmont and Monroe. The boys saved all of their pennies to buy the 25,000 square feet of brewing goodness and smack in the middle of all the action. Since the company began we’ve wanted to be closer to our homes, the bars and stores that sell our beer, and all the good folks that drink it. Fortunately seven years of great growth gave the company that opportunity. We learned a lot from that location and left all those mistakes behind as we built our new home. SweetWater Brewing Company has been here since 2004 and it feels good to be settled in. Our new home has enough capacity to brew 100,000 barrels of beer a year (A few more years at this rate.)
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Red Brick Brewing Company

Red Brick Brewing, founded on September 29, 1993, was originally known as the Atlanta Brewing Company. Red Brick is the oldest, operating craft brewery in the state of Georgia, and we have a proud history of brewing award winning beers over the years. Our first location was a quaint "Red Brick" building on 1219 Williams Street, in the heart of midtown Atlanta. In 2007, the growing demand for Red Brick beers required us to move to our current Atlanta location on Defoor Hills Road. Since then we have expanded our distribution to 8 states across the southeast. Red Brick opens its brewery doors for public tastings each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (5pm-8pm), and Saturday (2pm-5pm). Drop on in and join us for a beer.
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5 Seasons Brewing

Why, we wondered, was it still so difficult to find world-class beers in Atlanta?   Why was it even tougher to find premium beer and food served side-by-side? In 2001, 5 Seasons Brewing Company opened its doors at The Prado and quickly became a gathering place to connect with each other, our food, and the Earth. David, as executive chef, passionately applied a Napa-like culinary touch... Now located in the Brickworks on Marrietta St,  5 Seasons Westside is the perfect place for good food and beer!

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Jailhouse Brewing Company

In August of 2008, an aspiring young brewer with big dreams and neophyte confidence plunged head first into an adventure wrought with stories of mountainous challenges, perilous doubt and the occasional ghost story (more on that in a minute) determined to brew the beer he loved and wanted to share with fellow beer-loving brothers and sisters. If it weren't for the challenges posed, one might speculate whether JailHouse Brewing Company would have ever made it from paper and pen dreams to concrete and stainless steel reality. You see, it's not the fear of failure or loss that drives us, it's the fear of not trying...
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Second Self Brewing

Second Self believes layers of character and flavor can be built to be greater than the sum of its parts. Our no compromise approach to both ingredients and techniques ensures a quality craft product for our consumers.  No shortcuts.  No extracts.  Only the best for our beer and it shows i  n the flavor.  We've worked to make sure our product is not only  excellent to drink but is easily paired with food, making it a perfect choice for any occasion.  We draw inspiration for our recipes from ourexperiences and surroundings.


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Monday Night Brewing

Monday Night Brewing is an Atlanta-based craft beer company. We currently offer two delicious styles of beer on draft in select Atlanta establishments.Believe it or not, the idea for Monday Night Brewing grew out of a small Atlanta Bible study. We started brewing beer together on Monday nights as a way to get to know each other better. As we got more engrained in the industry and more people started showing up to brew with us, beer quickly became more than just a weeknight hobby. We spent almost 5 years perfecting our Eye Patch Ale and Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale before bringing them to market. Years of minor tweaks, arguments over hop profiles, and experiments with different brands of base malts are poured into every glass that we brew.

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Red Hare Brewing Co.

Red Hare Brewing Company is Marietta’s first and only craft brewery, making everyday craft beer for everyday people!  We opened our doors to the public on Labor Day weekend, 2011 and haven’t looked back since. With three year round brews and a limited edition specialty series, we quickly found our place in the Atlanta craft beer community.  We’ve won medals at the Grayson Blues and Brews Fest and the Atlanta Cask Ale Festival.  We believe there is no limit to the creativity that makes craft beer special –please join us at the brewery to sample all we have to offer and see where the magic happens!
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15th Street Pizza & Pub

Welcome to 15th Street Pizza & Pub your locally owned and operated pizza joint. We pride ourselves on friendly service, quality ingredients and one heck of a beer selection. Our menu offers award winning pizzas, some darn good wings, fresh salads, subs, calzones, and strombolis. Bring the family by for a pizza and a pint, or we can always deliver it to you. No not the pint. Not all dreams come true. See you at the pub...

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Strawn Brewing Company

Strawn Brewing Company was a dream of Will and Lamar Strawn and Doug Evans, born from their love of homebrewing. In 2011 these “Working Men” met and decided to make this dream come true. In 2013 Lamar and his wife were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Being a new father, Lamar decided that his place was with his new growing family and made the tough decision step down and turn over the reins to Will and Doug. The two co-brewers can be found every Saturday at the brewery hosting Tours and Tastings.Strawn Brewing made their home in Fairburn, GA, and began the building process in 2012. They opened their doors on Labor Day weekend and had the official grand opening on December 8th.

Strawn Brewing is now open every Saturday from 2-6pm for Tours and Tastings. Get a souvenir pint glass with six sample pours and a tour for only $9. Strawn brews can now be found throughout Georgia, from Buford to Brunswick and all across the metro Atlanta area.

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Jekyll Brewing

Jekyll Island, Georgia was the location of the first brewery of the Deep South in 1738, and now Jekyll Brewing is proud to be the first brewery located in Alpharetta, Georgia. I am fortunate to be partnered by award winning Brew Master and Co-Owner, Josh Rachel, whose creative direction brings a line up of brew styles that will cover the entire spectrum of global craft beers.

Together, we are intensely focused on creating sophisticated hand-crafted beers from the finest ingredients. This is just the beginning. We have a passion for the art of creating great beer, a love of the comradery of the craft beer industry, and a desire to share our passion with you. Why don’t you join us for the ride.  Founder Mike Lundmark

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Hop City Craft Beer and Wine

Our mission is to provide to the residents of Metro Atlanta access to the wonders of American and International craft beer. We believe the art and magic of brewing is not simply a means to an end, but a process of profound beauty, innovation and creativity. Our extensive selection and expertise can help the newcomer or the long-time connoisseur find just the right beer pairing for that dinner party or simply the perfect thirst quencher for your palate...

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You may call us at (404) 384-6006, or email us at - thanks for visiting with us, and we look forward to crusin’ with you soon!