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Black Abbey

At Black Abbey Brewing Company, we take an artisanal approach to beer, crafting unique and approachable ales from the highest quality ingredients. Yet it’s more than that. We strive to supply liquid refreshment that is greater than the sum of its fine parts. Our beers are created. Not made. Right here in Nashville. For everything from our company name to our beers, we draw inspiration from the profound actions of Martin Luther, a German law student who in 1505 had a lightning-strike moment, quite literally, and became a monk. Luther’s focus on fellowship and community, his willingness to shake things up when necessary, and his commitment to transforming something distant and unattainable into a comfortable, meaningful part of daily life sparked a massive social, religious and political reformation. Luther believed we should drink for joy! We at The Black Abbey Brewing Company second that wholeheartedly.

So why Belgian-style? Belgium is famous for Trappist monks creating unparalleled and delicious ales. Throughout their history, the Belgian Trappists have brewed to suit the tastes of their brothers, using available ingredients. The creativity, uniqueness and remarkably satisfying qualities of these monastic ales serve as a jumping off point for The Black Abbey Brewing Company’s brotherhood of beers. Our objective is to create beers that are interpreted through this lens of creativity, bringing a fresh nuance to traditional styles, just as the Belgian brothers have done for hundreds of years. That’s a little insight into what makes our beer so divine. We hope that you enjoy getting to know our brotherhood of beers and we look forward to sharing our brewing vision with you, ideally, over a pint.


Fat Bottom

We set out to make beers that are bigger and sexier than what you find at your local bar. Fat Bottom’s brews are built around a wide variety of styles from around the world, with our unique touches added. Each recipe has been perfected over the years and each batch is brewed from the highest quality ingredients. Our beer is unfiltered, so you can savor the unique cloudy appearance and subtle flavors that truly bring craft beer to life. We like bold hop flavors, distinct aromas, and the beautiful colors that come from natural grains. Unfiltered beers retain their natural depth and flavor, as well as a variety of nutrients provided by our yeast. Fat Bottom is the brain child of Ben Bredesen, a Nashvillian, born and raised. After graduating from Brown University with a Computer Science degree in 2002, and spending 8 years with a local software company, Ben decided to expand on his passion for homebrewing. He opened the doors to Fat Bottom Brewing in 2012, and the rest, as they say, is history.



TailGate Beer was founded by a 21-year-old homebrewer, Wesley Keegan. The story goes, Wesley was approached by his father, Tim, one day about what he was going to do with his life. As an ocean lifeguard and co-owner of a bar, Wesley thought he had it made. His dad informed him of a trademark he had won in 2004 and subsequently protected in contest from Anheuser Busch. The name was TailGate Beer.
Tim thought TailGate Beer was something special. As an avid sports fan and tailgater, Tim implored Wesley to take his homebrews that people loved drinking and brew TailGate Beer! Wesley, having put himself through college at San Diego State University, grew up modestly. The gift of TailGate Beer was a generous one but, unlike some tales of entrepreneurism, didn’t come with startup funds. They both agreed the name was solid and the marketing would one day be fun, but Wesley was emphatic that the beer had to be excellent. From there, Wesley took what he liked to brew, and brewed in Southern California. All initial beers were brewed and packaged in kegs and glass bottles. Wesley entered into the Great American Beer Festival in 2007 and although no formal awards were won, TailGate Beer was a hit! This drew lots of attention from beer fans from all over the country. The common response was “great beer!” and “great name!” So with confirmation of Wesley’s biggest apprehension  – people loved the beer – TailGate Beer was born.


Yazoo Brewing really started with a homebrewing kit bought from the back of a Rolling Stone in 1993. Founder Linus Hall, at the time a broke college student, was amazed at the fact that he could produce good quality beer from home, and continued to hone his homebrew skills for the next decade. Yazoo opened their doors in 2003 and began selling kegs of Yazoo Pale Ale, Dos, Perros, Spring Wheat and Onward Stout to local bars and restaurants, quickly gaining an enthusiastic following. They replaced the Spring Wheat with their Hefeweizen after it won the gold medal at the 2004 Great American Beer Festival. By 2005 they were bottling their own beers, and in 2009 they managed to brew Tennessee’s first ever legal high-gravity ale, Yazoo Sue, after getting a distillery license. By 2010 Yazoo had outgrown their original brewery and relocated to a larger facility at 910 Division St. in the Gulch. With the addition of a new 40 barrel brewhouse, and lots of room for bigger tanks, Yazoo has now grown into the best known local craft brewery in Nashville!


Czann’s Brewing Company has a catalog of several ale recipes that will be available year round and seasonally.  The Brew Masters overall approach to designing each beer is to strike a balance between solid malt flavor and hop bitterness.  Base and most of the specialty malts are supplied by Franco-Belges, one of the largest malteries in Europe.  Rather than just adding bitterness, German and American hop varieties are selected to add to the overall flavor of each beer. And finally a clean yeast strain allows the flavor contribution from each ingredient to stand out in every glass.


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