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Atlanta Brews Cruise

About Us

There are plenty of things tourists and locals can do and see in Atlanta, Georgia. The town is brimming with cultural and historical sceneries that make this southeastern state an eye-candy. The state encompasses both mountainous regions, farmlands and a fair share of the beauty of the ocean.

But aside from the 18th century British colonial architecture and the city lights, the beer scene is pretty solid here too – making it a perfect place for a brewery tour.

Latest addition to the fastest growing brewery tours company across the United States, Atlanta Brews Cruise is famed to be the original brewery tour in the Atlanta area. Atlanta takes pride in having more than 15 craft breweries within a 90-mile radius and Atlanta Brews Cruise is in partnership with all of them.

A partnership that massive can only mean more beer to sample, more places to visit and a much more in-depth knowledge about the creations that make the Atlanta beer scene thrive.

Housing some of the most innovative breweries in the country, an Atlanta brewery tour will surely be one heck of an experience that’s fun, educational and ultimately memorable.

So, get ready to go ‘CRUISIN for a ‘BREWSIN and experience the eclectic Atlanta beer scene with Atlanta Brews Cruise.


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What to Expect on an Atlanta Brewery Tour

Priced at a regular rate of $59.99, one can experience at least THREE of downtown Atlanta’s breweries, taste their signature crafted beer and see the behind-the-scenes of beer crafting. The tour includes point-to-point transportation, an in-depth visit to the breweries, beer sampling and a dedicated knowledgeable tour guide.

Being the pioneer in Atlanta brewery tours, Atlanta Brews Cruise  guarantees the best and most comprehensive brewery tour that’s worth every penny.

Brews Cruise Atlanta offers three different brewery tour schedules guests can choose from that’s most convenient for them.

Brews Cruise Atlanta’s Classic Tour happens either Thursday or Friday afternoon from 3:30 – 7:30pm. It departs from 5 Seasons Westside Brewpub enroute to three other breweries such as Sweetwater, Red Brick, Red Hare, Monday Night Brewing and Wrecking Bar depending on their availability.

The Saturday Beer Tour is similar to the Classic Tour and only differs on the day of the week and starts at 1:15pm. For those who only have time on Sundays, Sunday Beer Tour is available and runs from 1:15-5:15 pm. The Sunday Tour visits Sweetwater, Red Brick Brewery and 5 Seasons Westside.

Each location offers a variety of samples that’s unique to their identity. And since we provide your transportation, you won’t have to worry about fully enjoying the crafted beer samples!

Your experience is important to use which is why we provide you with tour guides that are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but fun and beer fans as well.

Our guides engage and encourage every guest to sample a wide variety of beers, understand the brewing process, learn ways to taste and even pair beer with food. They offer a behind-the-scenes peek of a brewery and most importantly helps guests enjoy every bit of the experience.

Brews Cruise Atlanta also offers private brewery tours perfect for bachelor parties, graduation celebration or just a simple group fun with your best friends!

Ready to get a first-hand experience of Atlanta’s beer scene? Check out our calendar and book your Atlanta brewery tour now!


Atlanta Brews Cruise Brewery Partners

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