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Raleigh Brews Cruise Featured in AAA Magazine

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Raleigh Brews Cruise Mentioned as one of the Top 10 Things to Love in Raleigh, N.C.


Recently, the AAA Magazine featured Raleigh Brews Cruise in its article “10 Things We Love In Raleigh, N.C.” which is largely due to our brewery tour business involving craft beers which Raleigh is known for, with over thirty local breweries currently brewing.


Raleigh Brews Cruise gives visitors the opportunity to get a glimpse of the brewing process and gives tourists an idea of what goes on behind the brewery scene, deepening their understanding about beers and breweries.


Raleigh Brews Cruise is a knowledge based brewery tour that takes tourists behind the brewing process, shows them the different kinds and styles of beer and what makes each kind stand out, with free samples to go around for tourists to appreciate the taste of Raleigh’s breweries that have put them on the map.


For a standard brewery tours, patrons must be 21 years of age or older with fees starting at $50 per person and $25 for designated drivers, with beverages and snacks onboard as well as coolers for purchases.


Raleigh Brews Cruise Private Tour Birthday

A four hour tour provides visitors with an understanding of the brewing process which will be thoroughly explained with samples at each brewery location. The breweries to be visited are the Triangle craft breweries.


The Triangle got its name from the territories that consist of Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham, which is also the second largest craft beer region, home to fifty craft breweries, five breweries, and fifty bottle shops. The Raleigh brewery tour has a requirement of four passengers for a tour to be launched.


Raleigh Brews Cruise offers a great chance for everyone-from aspiring brewers to simple beer lovers to fully understand the process that their favorite drinks undergo in order to achieve that distinct flavor as well as showcasing what Raleigh has been known for and magnifying its great history in the brewing business.


Book a brewery tour and witness for yourself fine beers brewed to perfection with dedication and passion and see what makes Raleigh historic in the brewing scene.


You can read the AAA Magazine article feature here. Cheers!