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Archie’s Favorite Spots – Portland Establishments Both Kids and Parents Will Love!

a little boy that is eating some food

Portland, Maine, is a family affair. There’s more than enough here in food, beverage, and recreation to inspire and delight parents and kids alike.

My son Archie is nine years old. He is right at the age where he likes to go out in town and have fun, just like Mom and Dad. But of course, Archie can’t go everywhere (wink wink), so our favorite spots around town lately are places that cater to all of us.

For those of you with kids, Portland offers a wealth of incredible food and experiences that make parenting and vacationing easy.

My boy Archie is here to help out. For putting together a list of great Portland spots to take your kids for a bite to eat, we thought we’d go straight to the source.

Presenting Archie’s Favorite Spots in Portland (which also happen to be favorites of Mom and Dad)!

Mr. Tuna

Mr. Tuna burst onto the scene, creating flavor explosions inside sushi handrolls. Archie loves Mr. Tuna’s huge list of delicious sushi. And Mr. Tuna’s varying experiences are right up his alley, too—we love going to their Monument Square location as much as we love grabbing some handrolls on the Eastern Prom, laying out a blanket, and taking in the beauty of Casco Bay.

Maine Beer Co.

Archie can’t quite yet sip a delicious Lunch, but he’d do anything for this pizza. Maine Beer Co.’s taproom experience is second to none. Just a really fun environment for everyone with their spacious cavern of a tasting room, fun outdoor space, giant indoor foundation, and of course—delicious beers and pizza. Can’t miss this one.


Mami is down in the Old Port, putting out amazing Japanese street food in a lively and colorful space. Mami started as a food truck, and as most beloved trucks do when they get really popular, grew into a brick-and-mortar space on Fore Street.

a man standing in front of a store


Slab provides a killer pizza experience that Archie really loves. With massive Sicilian-style pizza slices and an excellent craft beer list, Slab is a go-to for families visiting Portland.

a person eating a slice of pizza

Maine Maple Creemee

This truck (and its wonderful owner Hannah Daman) is crafting delicious Vermont-style creemees from real Maine maple. These soft-serve-like treats (they’re better than soft-serve) are perfect for a warm summer day on the Eastern Prom. Archie loves a classic creemee, and Dad won’t lie—so do I. Don’t miss out on this beloved Portland truck.

a boy wearing a hat


You have probably heard of Duckfat. This Portland lunch institution has brought people to our city all on its own, thanks to its spectacular Belgian-style french fries, dipping sauces, incredible paninis, and sweet milkshakes. Duckfat is hard to beat. And don’t miss their Frites Shack at Oxbow Blending and Bottling on Washington Ave.

a man wearing a hat and glassesZach Poole is a former teacher who founded what has now become Maine Brews Cruise over 10 years ago. He and his family live, eat, and drink in Portland. Twitter: @brewbuszach