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“Pours of Portland” Tours Now Available For Larger Groups

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We now own a bus that can hold more than 14 people! Introducing our Pours of Portland private tour options on Saturdays for larger groups that can feature an all-beer, all-wine, or a mixed alcohol itinerary.

For almost the first seven years of our company history, we only acquired and utilized mid-size buses that have a total capacity of 15 people.

After accounting for the driver and the guide, we only had 13 seats available for booking by guests.

Occasionally, we could use one of our drivers with a Commercial Drivers License (with Passenger endorsement) and allow one more guest onto a tour.

As you can imagine, many groups are not conveniently 13 or 14 people. Any group that is 15 or more people have had a hard time fitting on our tours as there were not enough legal seats.

Our options were limited to using two buses or us chartering a larger vehicle from a local limousine or bus company.

We now own a larger capacity bus!

With the recent purchase of a 24-passenger black bus, we now have a single vehicle that can hold more than 15 people!

We also have eight people on our company team who hold the appropriate level of licensing to drive that larger vehicle.

To best use this new bus, we have created some larger group tours for private groups on Saturdays that can feature an all-beer, all-wine, or a mixed alcohol itinerary.

Bring the whole group on the bus!

Introducing our new Pours of Portland tour!

This new Saturday private tour option is perfect for groups from 15 to 24 guests and features two different time slots and a few different itineraries.

Tour pricing varies depending on how many guests will be on board. The first pricing tier is for 15 to 18 people, after that it is priced by each person.

Booking the Pours of Portland tour is easy!

Start by selecting the date and the time slot and the tour design that you would like.

When booking, make sure you select the correct number of people that will be in your group.

We can potentially add more people to your party if necessary, but we will not be able to reduce the number of people and provide refunds if your group size goes down.

The same Maine Brew Bus experience, just on a larger bus.

We will make sure that your entire large group is right at home on the tour with our expert tour guides and drivers.

All other items that are part of our tour experience are included in this tour as well.

Just understand that we cannot make modifications to timing or stop locations. These particular partners have larger facilities and have agreed to host our larger groups at certain times on Saturday—their busiest day of the week.

Larger groups can be accommodated on other days.

The larger bus is also available on other days of the week (not called Saturday) for private and corporate tours. Greg Klein, our Group Sales Coordinator, will work with you to make a custom itinerary that will work for you and your larger group.

We hope that these new options will help our larger groups to also have a fantastic experience together on The Maine Brew Bus.

Don Littlefield is the General Manager of Brew Bus Tours. He enjoyed a Simmer Down Session Ale from Sebago Brewing Company while preparing this post. Twitter @BeerinME