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Education tours with the USBG Portland Chapter

The Maine Brew Bus is a proud partner of the Portland, Maine Chapter of the United States Bartenders’ Guild. We specialize in providing a literal vehicle to assist in their professional development.

In Portland, we are lucky to have a very active chapter of the United States Bartenders’ Guild (USBG). The USBG was started in California in 1948, and now has spread to be active in over 50 cities nationwide.

Our Chapter in Portland was formed just a year ago, and was officially chartered in March, 2015.

Now with over 80 members from our vibrant bars and restaurants, the Portland Chapter of the USBG has established an impressive program mix of formal training sessions, special events, social gatherings, and educational outings – such as what we are able to provide them on The Maine Brew Bus.

Our monthly Industry Education Tours for the USBG helps bring front-line bartenders, owners, and other service personnel directly to producers and suppliers or craft beverages in Southern Maine. Held typically on quiet Monday afternoons (often an industry day off), the tours are a great way for members to learn first hand about the people and the process behind some of our great craft products.

We recently brought a full group out on a special tour of one of our favorite fermentation areas, the neighborhood of East Bayside. Staff from Central Provisions, Sur Lie, Old Port Sea Grill, Sonny’s, Vignola/Cinque Terre, Dimillo’s, and Vena’s Fizz House were all represented on the tour.

The group visited with Luke Davidson of Maine Craft Distilling, Will Pratt of Tandem Coffee Roasters, and Chresten Sorensen of Bunker Brewing Company.

They also enjoyed a very special preview of Lone Pine Brewing Company – due to open by mid-February.

For more about the plans that Tom Madden and John Paul have for this new East Bayside brewery (as well as big news about the just announced relocation of Portland’s Bissell Brothers brewery) check out this Urban Eye article from our friend Kathleen Pierce.

We had a great time, and learned a lot directly from the founders of these local producers, and we thank them for taking time on a Monday to tell us more about their operations.

Here are some pictures from this outing, and we are already planning our next one. Cheers!

Want to find out more about the USBG Portland Chapter? Check out their social media pages for additional information and membership options. [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram]

Don Littlefield is the Assistant Principal of The Maine Brew Bus and last enjoyed a Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA. Twitter: @BeerinME