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Welcome to Beercationland!

Introducing our new line of Beercationland items, available for the first time at the Maine Brewers’ Guild Summer Session this Saturday!

We know first hand that many people come here from all over the country in order to eat great food and drink great beer in Maine. We have had well over 2,000 people do that already this year, they have come from 28 different states and several countries.

Last year, the Maine Office of Tourism found that 46% of guests to Maine reported that touring/sightseeing and food/beverage/culinary activities ranked highest when they were deciding to visit Maine. We have certainly positioned our company well to capture this growing market.

So we are happy to produce some items that feature a new logo, one that symbolizes the unique position that Maine has in this relatively new area of Beer Tourism.

This logo, designed by local graphic artist Scott Whitehouse, features several items of symbolism.

Front and center is the word Beercationland, a twist on the Maine slogan of “Vacationland” that originated with railroad publicists in the late 1800s and has appeared on Maine’s license plates since 1935.

The Beercationland term is enclosed in a scroll. That scroll is similar in design to one found on the Maine State Seal, it’s the one containing the state motto Dirigo, Latin for “I lead”.

Those two elements are over an outline of the State of Maine, a dark version that features a prominent hop cone over the area of Aroostook County. A majority of Maine’s 10 acres of hops can be found in this area of the state.

The hop cone seems to be reaching for the sun, symbolizing the fact that Maine’s grain growers and hop producers have a strong relationship to the sun in order to make quality products for use in beer.

The sun is set against an outline of our mountains, showing the source for the great quality water that makes Maine’s beer among the best in the world. The snow pack in the mountains melts off each spring to replenish streams, rivers, lakes, and wells with quality water that can then be used to make amazing beer.

Finally, along Maine’s rocky coastline is the unique one syllable name of our state, and a star that is reminiscent of the North Star found on the state seal. This is here to show the leadership and responsibility that the entire State of Maine has in producing great beer.

Our first two products are a unisex gray shirt and also a female tank top in lilac that show this new logo on the front, and also have The Maine Brew Bus logo on the back.

On Saturday they will be available for sale for the first time at our booth at the Maine Brewers’ Guild Summer Session festival. The cost is $20 each, cash and credit both accepted.

Can’t go to the festival? On Monday afternoon they will go on sale at our online store found on our website and soon will be available also at the Craft Beer Cellar Portland.

You can join us as the Summer Session festival if you grab tickets (right now before they sell out!), use promo code BEERCATIONLAND to save $5 of each ticket. More information about the event here.

Don Littlefield is the General Manager of The Maine Brew Bus, and as of very recently he is doing this full time. No longer does he additionally work overnights for UPS! Thanks to Aaron supplying for Cheap Beer Tuesday, he enjoyed a Ballantine XXX Ale while preparing this post. Twitter: @BeerinME