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Our 500th Excellent Review on TripAdvisor!

Just this week we received our 500th individual review on TripAdvisor that rated us Excellent with 5 stars. This is truly astounding, and really we owe it all to our hard working team.

I’ve written before about how important TripAdvisor is to our overall business. Many travelers coming into Maine are using this resource to select their attractions and activities.

From the very first one we received in June of 2013 we have received 536 different reviews on TripAdvisor. The most recent one we received was yesterday, and it came from Ellen D. of Danvers, Massachusetts.

Thanks for joining us Ellen D., and for the kind review about your experience!

This review represents the 500th one to rate us 5 stars, or circles based on the icons that TripAdvisor chooses to use. Here is how it breaks down by rating:

  • Excellent – 50 (93.3%)
  • Very Good – 33 (6.2%)
  • Average – 2 (0.4%)
  • Poor – 0 (0%)
  • Terrible – 1 (0.1%)

Source: TripAdvisor, July 30, 2016

All of this results in what TripAdvisor calls the Certificate of Excellence.

This award signifies that we’ve consistently achieved great reviews from travelers worldwide. It takes into account the frequency, as well as the overall rating of the reviews.

We are so pleased that we have received the Certificate of Excellence for the past three years solely based on the public reviews from our guests.

And we certainly are not shy about talking about exactly where we stand with TripAdvisor.

First we were the top Food and Drink tour in Portland, and shortly after that we became the #1 Tour in Portland on TripAdvisor (overall and out of 31 tour operators). For a while we were also the top Activity in Portland, but after re-categorization by TripAdvisor that broad category no longer exists.

Earlier this year we realized that we were ranking pretty high throughout the region, and soon we became the #1 Brewery Tour in New England on TripAdvisor! That’s ahead of the always excellent Sam Adams, Allagash, and Harpoon brewery tours. That’s really amazing!

It reminds us of a challenge that our founder Zach Poole put to us in a staff meeting a couple of years ago. He stated that his mission for the company was to “become the most sought after beer attraction in the Northeast.”

I for one quickly challenged Zach with disbelief, “more than Sam Adams and Harpoon?” Turns out we are actually on the right track to make this goal come true.

All if this couldn’t have been possible without our amazing staff. In the early days when Zach and Allison were the only ones running the company, to today where a staff of 15 maintain the high level of operations, it’s all due to our hard working team.

We are staring at our four year anniversary coming up in one month. Over that time, over 30 people have worked for us driving, guiding, and running operations in our office.

All of our staff past and present have contributed to make us what we are today. They have all delivered on the promise to our nearly 10,000 guests that we are going to show them an amazing time at our locally owned businesses that are producing great products.

And of course, we sincerely thank all of the guests that have actually taken the time to review us on TripAdvisor, or Yelp, Google+, or Facebook.

We love the fact that our guests trusted us to provide them a good experience, that our staff made that happen, and that people were so happy that they took the time to publicly talk about their time on The Maine Brew Bus.

We look forward to continuing to amaze you as we work hard “Driving You to Drink Local”.


The Maine Brew Bus team, June 2016.

Don Littlefield is the General Manager of The Maine Brew Bus. He reviews these public reviews every morning, and reports that the guest feedback about tours is a really great way to start each day. He last enjoyed a Jacuzzerooski DIPA from Hoof Hearted Brewing. Twitter: @BeerinME