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Looking for some great Things to Do before or after your Huntsville Brews Cruise experience?

There is so much to do in HSV, and never enough time. We have put together a bunch of other great tours and activities from locally-owned companies that we know personally.

We wouldn’t recommend these if we didn’t know the people and their products first hand.

Huntsville Brews Cruise

Scenethat Tours

Creating thought-provoking, energetic, and fun experiences into southern culture for curious travelers who seek to explore and learn.

Civil Rights Landmarks Tour

The struggle for justice and the battle against hatred happened in Huntsville, Alabama. With Scenethat Tours, you can now experience the landmarks in Huntsville that tell the story of our local Civil Rights Movement.

Huntsville Downtown Walking Tour

Explore the sights, sounds, and scents of Huntsville with Scenethat Tours. Learn about architectural influences and early skyscrapers, the Civil War footprint, Civil Rights landmarks in the city, and the importance of the military and space industries. [Book Now…]

Huntsville Downtown Food Tour

Experience a taste of Huntsville with Scenethat Tours on the Downtown Food Tour. By visiting landmark locations and tasting items from four different locally-owned eateries, you can bite right into our exciting local food scene. [Book Now…]

Rocket City Rover

Rocket City Rover is a 14-person pedal-powered party trolley offering pub crawls, progressive dinners, brunch rides, and customizable private tours.

Huntsville Uncensored

logoSex, scandals, salacious stories, and of course, liquid libations! Learn about Huntsville’s naughty past on a fun and spirited tour detailing some famous and not-so-famous scandals. Join Huntsville Ghost Walk’s Jacque Reeves and Bob Boyer for a night of adult-themed history on the Rocket City Rover. [Book Now…]

Downtown & Westside Pub Rides

a bridge over a river in a city

Enjoy drinks at Huntsville’s many breweries, bars, and restaurants. Grab your purple to-go cups and have an out-of-this-world experience on the Rocket City Rover! [Book Now…]

Microbrewery Rides

a clock on a table

Enjoy drinks at Huntsville’s microbreweries and nanobreweries. These rides may stop at Straight to Ale, Yellowhammer, InnerSpace, Salty Nut, Green Bus, Rocket Republic, and Mad Malts. Pubs and restaurants may also be visited by request. [Book Now…]

Avalon Tours

Avalon Tours in Huntsville specializes in walking tours for the Twickenham Historic District and walking tours of historic Maple Hill Cemetery.

an old stone building

Destination Huntsville

Destination Huntsville is the answer to your destination management, event production, full-service meeting needs, and curated experiences in and around North Alabama.

Barbecue & Beer Tasting

a group of people sitting at a table with a cup of beer

Nothing goes together quite like beer and barbecue! Join us at one of our favorite local craft breweries for a tasting extravaganza. Guests will enjoy craft beer samples along with delicious barbecue bites of ribs, brisket, and chicken. A dream come true for every meat lover and beer enthusiast.

Rocking Rooftop Bar Tour

a group of people standing around a table

Sip and see the city from four of Huntsville’s best outdoor rooftop cocktail lounges led by a popular local musician, giving you an insider’s look at Huntsville’s local music scene. Enjoy beautiful rooftop views, specialty cocktails or mocktails, and live music at each stop.

Underground Cocktail Tour

a building with a clock on a table

Discover Huntsville’s nightlife like never before! First stop – Catacomb, Huntsville’s only underground speakeasy! Next, visit a Polynesian-themed cocktail lounge with a great atmosphere and one-of-a-kind menu. And finally, your tour will conclude at our favorite dive bar.

Huntsville Ghost Walk

Hear stories from Huntsville’s haunted past and learn why the spirits remain. Choose one of three guided tours through the Twickenham District, the Old Town District, or the Downtown District.

Twickenham Ghost Walk

a group of people standing in front of a buildingThe Twickenham Ghost Walk travels through the oldest streets in Huntsville. Stops include Helion Masonic Lodge, the LeRoy Pope mansion, Governor Bibb’s mansion, as well as the birthplace of General John Hunt Morgan, known as “The Thunderbolt of the Confederacy.” Through historic research, personal accounts, and a medium that communicated with ghosts, we learn about the people and events that shaped our history. [Book Now…]

Old Town Ghost Walk

a group of people posing for the cameraThe Old Town Ghost Walk begins with the haunting in the courthouse and takes visitors into the Old Town Historic District where visitors learn about the soldier who was shot in WWI, children who sing a haunting tune on Walker Street, a Union soldier looking for his amputated leg, and more. Through personal experiences, extensive historic research, and the help of a medium, we learn about the residue of past events and the spirits who remain. [Book Now…]

Haunted Downtown Tour

a man wearing a hatThe Haunted Downtown Tour features the most murders! A frightened Union soldier hides from Johnny Reb, a bellhop remains at the Hotel Russel Erskine, and the residue left from a crowd angry over the ax murder of a policeman are explained in detail. Through a medium and historic research, we learn why two innocent men were murdered by a prominent shop owner. [Book Now…]