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Maine Brews Cruise is a Maine-based bus craft beverage tour company dedicated to promoting local craft alcohol producers by offering a unique and personal experience. A top-rated activity on TripAdvisor, our tours are all-inclusive and provide safe transportation to and from Maine’s award-winning breweries as well as locally-owned producers of wine, cider, and more. The tours include snacks, an in-depth production tour, trivia, fun, and beer along with other craft-made beverages!

Maine Brews Cruise is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in being considered for any position with Maine Brews Cruise, please review the job descriptions and send your resume attached to an e-mail that contains a cover message that tells us about your favorite beer (and why) to [email protected].


Position Description

Maine Brews Cruise and SeaPortland are seeking dynamic individuals to join our team as Tour Guides, Deckhands, and Bus Drivers. Our tours and experiences are conducted via bus, bike, boat, and by foot. While the ability to perform multiple roles is preferred, it is not a requirement.

The ideal candidate should have a passion for showcasing the best of Portland to both local residents and visitors. They should possess strong storytelling skills and be knowledgeable about the city’s historical landmarks, wildlife, and food and beverage scene. We are looking for someone who is friendly, well-presented, and has the ability to comfortably engage in conversation.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Leading guests to learn more about our local food and beverage industry, historical landmarks, and other points of interest by land and water.
  • Comfort in speaking in front of medium to large groups.
  • Outgoing personality, with the ability to be flexible and think on your feet. 
  • Background in theater/acting/public speaking encouraged.
  • Previous industry experience is preferred, but we are willing to train the right enthusiastic individual.
  • Must be able to manage time and move groups along when needed.
  • Providing a friendly, welcoming, and approachable experience for visitors aboard the tours.
  • Seamlessly transitioning between lecture mode and chat mode to engage guests.
  • Merchandising, maintaining inventory and displays.
  • Furthering your education through various methods.
  • Working both independently and as part of a team.
  • Driving a 15-passenger minibus, and larger capacity vehicles if authorized, safely in city and highway conditions. (only for those wishing to drive)
  • Assist Captain in Safe navigation and handling of vessels.
  • Serving drinks to various size groups and corporate events.
  • General upkeep and day to day cleaning work on the Company’s vessels/buses.
  • Assisting as directed by Captain in minor administrative duties, including but not limited to assurance of compliance with all US Coast Guard regulations for inspected vessels, crew training and safety drills, inventory and supply management, etc.


  • May through the end of October with some flexibility
  • Seasonal hours (sunset based).
  • Full-time and part-time positions available.
  • $15/hr with split gratuities.
  • On time attendance.


  • Coast Guard Mandated Drug Testing programs are enforced and must be complied with per applicable statute. (Deckhand Position)
  • Wear company uniforms as provided, and assure that all other clothing and gear used on board company vessels/buses is professional, neat, and tidy in appearance.
  • Local tourism knowledge.
  • Maine TIPS Certification is a plus but not required.
  • Boating skills are a plus but not required. 
  • 2 years experience driving a 15 passenger vehicle or similar (no CDL required, Bus Driver position only)
  • Must be able to lift 50+ lbs
  • First-Aid/CPR Certifications are a plus but not required.