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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Brewery Tour

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Brewery Tour

Are you excited to go on a brewery tour?

Going on a trip can be very exciting especially when it is your first time experiencing a new adventure. Just like any other tour, you also need to plan and prepare when going on a brewery tour. You also may need to do some research to know what you should expect on your tour.

If you are traveling with family and friends, you may need to ensure that the tour will be perfect for everyone. Here are 5 things you may need to consider when choosing a brewery tour.

#1 What is Included in the Brewery Tour?

Know what is included in the brewery tour you are planning to book. This is to ensure that you will enjoy a stress-free tour.

Will there be a ride accommodation during the tour?

Will meals be served during the tour?

How many breweries are included in the tour?

These are just a few questions that you may need ask to ensure that you are prepared for in case the tour does not include what you may have expected.

Some brewery tours do not include ride accommodations and it will be very inconvenient and time-consuming to look for one during the tour. If there is a ride accommodation and you are bringing your own vehicle, know if there is a parking space where you can leave your vehicle during the tour.

There are also brewery tours that do not provide a meal or even a snack during the tour, so you may need to prepare for this.

You may also need to know how many breweries are included in the tour package. This will help you prepare and plan your schedule and your budget, especially if you are planning to take home a few bottles or kegs.

#2 What Do the Breweries in the Tour Offer?

There are breweries that offer beer sampling and even some souvenirs. Others also offer some beer-learning tours. You get to know how craft beers are made and who are the amazing people behind each unique brew.

As you visit each brewery, you will learn how they differ from each other, and how their beers make them distinct from the others. You will also get to taste different kinds of beer and know each brewery’s bestseller and award-winning beers.

#3 Is There a Need for a Reservation for a Group Tour?

Is there a limit to the number of guests that can be accommodated?

For group accommodations, it is better to book a tour to ensure that everyone gets a seat in the ride. Most brewery tours can accommodate company events, just inform the organizers of the number of attendees.

#4 Can We Drink Beer Along the Ride?

Can we also eat during the tour?

These 2 questions are often asked, especially for tours that lasts for more than half a day. There are brewery tour packages that offer light snacks during the tour which includes a bottle of water.

Drinking beer, however, during the ride is not allowed in most brewery tours. This is to ensure your safety for the entire trip. You may enjoy beer-sampling and beer-tasting at the breweries and taprooms.

For hungry tummies, you may have a hearty meal in some breweries that include food in their menus.

#5 Are there Things I Need to Bring in the Tour?

Aside from your personal stuff, there is nothing for your to bring. Some brewery tour packages, however, would provide a ticket or a pass for you to bring during the trip.

It is best to bring your family and friends along for a more enjoyable beer-tasting and learning experience. Brewery tours are better when shared with people you care about.

These are just 5 things you may need to consider when planning for a brewery tour. You may also ask these questions before booking your brewery tour so you could set your expectations.

These questions can also help you choose the brewery tour that is perfect for you, especially when touring with family and friends.

Choosing Brews Cruise, Inc.

Brewery tours ought to be a fun and a learning adventure. Choose a brewery tour that offers both a beer-tasting and educational experience.

Brews Cruise, Inc. provides an informational and beer-sampling adventure to all beer aficionados, home-brewers, and visitors. We offer brewery tour packages in 13 locations with 3-4 breweries for every package. Some of our locations include Asheville, Big Sky, Charlotte, Denver, Las Vegas, Raleigh and other amazing locations.

Each brewery tour package includes a ride accommodation that will take you to all 3 or 4 breweries included in the package and back to the meeting place at the end of the tour. The package also includes a light snack and a bottle of water.

We can also arrange Cruisin’ for a Brewsin’ packages to celebrate your birthday, wedding party, corporate event, and other private celebrations. We also participate in nationwide brewery events and festivals.

Book a tour with Brews Cruise, Inc. and experience the fun way of learning more about beers, how they are made, their differences and uniqueness. Contact us at 541-615-9046 to learn more about our brewery tours.