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Old Port Spirits is our new Official Home

Known for their incredible selection and knowledge of local and world-class products, owner Jacques deVillier and his team at Old Port Spirits and Cigars have joined The Maine Brew Bus on our quest to Drive You to Drink Local!

And now, their key location at 79 Commercial Street has become our Official Home and will serve as our pickup/drop off location for our Portland-based tours.

Jacques deVillier, who also owns Old Port Wine Merchants located in Portland at 223 Commercial Street, opened Old Port Spirits 3 years ago this April. To help run his store, Jacques brought on Kevin Casey to manage the store, and Mike Walsh to help manage the beer selection.

“Jacques really put in a lot of energy to the place,” Mike explained while reminiscing about their first renovations in 2014. “I remember he said to me, ‘This is my neighborhood and I want to have a really nice liquor store.’”

The exterior of Old Port Spirits, 79 Commercial St in Portland.

And they succeeded. Their facility is beautiful, welcoming and stocked full of high-quality alcohol and craft beer.Lone Pine and Foundation are just a couple of breweries mentioned that will be offered in their store this year. They are hoping to host tastings about 3 times a month to help show the public the latest and greatest of Portland’s craft beer and alcohol scene.

Coming up on March 21st, they will be hosting a tasting with One Eye Open Brewing, a Portland brewer working on opening a space in the east end of town. After that, they’re planning a Vespertino tasting, a tequila cream from Stroudwater Distillery, also local to Portland.    

“We try to carry pretty much any Maine beer. Especially good Maine beer, and we try to represent as much alcohol we can from around the United States,” Mike said. He added, “We strive to have the best beer selection you can find every week.”

When you walk into the store and talk to the staff you can tell how much they enjoy helping their customers understand this amazing industry. Old Port Spirits love for local quality is a perfect example of what helps make the Maine Brew Bus run.

“The guys that The Maine Brew Bus visits on their tours are some of the hardest working people in the industry,” Kevin explained. “Their craft is top notch. They take it seriously and they’re experimental, which is great for us. We get limited edition stuff sometimes, which is fun for our customers.”

From left, Kevin Casey, Zach Poole, and Jacques deVillier


Not only can you find an incredible selection in their store, but you can also get home deliveries of everything they offer! About a year ago, Kevin Casey began working with the Boston-based company Drizly to get Old Port Spirits selection right to your door. Drizly is a software company that works with local alcohol retailers to offer home delivery around the US and Canada. All prices online are the same in their store, with only an additional delivery charge!

“It’s great if you don’t want to come into town and deal with parking in the summer, we’ll bring it right to you.” Kevin said. “We even have a number of businesses beginning to use it for their office parties.”

There are a number of things Old Port Spirits and Cigars have to offer. Home deliveries and limited edition local beers are just the beginning. The Maine Brew Bus is excited for our guests to see how much this amazing city has to offer with the help of our new home.

-Ellie Yahn

Old Port Spirits and Cigars79 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101 | Phone: (207) 828-2337

Fun Facts:

Kevin Casey

  • Favorite Brewery: Lone Pine Brewing
  • Favorite Beer: Tessellation

Mike Walsh

  • Favorite Brewery: Allagash Brewing
  • Favorite Beer: Phil Brown Ale