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Our Bus Is Back For The Birds

a group of people standing in a field flying a kite

We had planned 10 different outings of our popular Birds On Tap – Roadtrip! tour series for 2020. So far we have conducted just one of them. For the first time in over five months, we will have a bus on the road this Sunday for our most popular itinerary of this combination tour, and there are three more trips planned through the end of the year.

These unique, relaxed birding and beer-ing adventures combine great local birding at seasonal hotspots with visits to sample the delicious creations of some of our favorite local producers.

It’s another way to make learning about birds and birding even more fun, and it is also a great way to support several Maine businesses. The trips introduce people to new alcohol producers, new birds, and new places in a casual atmosphere that makes both birding and beer appreciation approachable.

a group of people in a forest

For guest safety, and to stay within state-mandated group size, the trips are now limited to a total of six guests. Physical distancing measures will remain in effect on the bus and during the birding and brewery visits. Guests will be asked to keep their masks on at all times during the trip unless actively eating or drinking while seated at a brewery.

That being said…don’t miss our August trip! You can join us this Sunday, August 23rd for Shorebirds and Steins. But don’t let the opportunity fly by as there are only 2 spots remaining.

a group of people standing next to a body of water

Our most popular tour returns to Scarborough Marsh at prime time for a good variety of migrant shorebirds. We’ll learn how to identify our common species, and search for the rare. Up to 20 species of shorebirds are possible!

We’ll practice identifying our “peeps” (Least, Semipalmated, and White-rumped Sandpipers) and attempt to tease out a rare Western or even a Baird’s among the masses. We’ll look for local breeding American Oystercatchers and Willets, while searching for migrants such as Red Knots on their way from the high Arctic to the southern tip of Argentina.

a group of people standing next to a body of water

And not to worry, we’ll take a look at everything else, such as Common, Roseate, and Least Terns; herons and egrets, and who knows what else? We may even get a chance to see Nelson’s and Saltmarsh Sparrows depending on time, wind, and tide.

After the birding, we will visit Nonesuch River Brewing and Brewery Extrava to enjoy some well-deserved snacks and great craft beer.

Book Shorebirds and Steins online now!

These tours are a perfect introduction to birding and/or craft alcohol, and a great opportunity to travel with significant others, friends, and family that have interest in one topic, while your interest is primarily in the other (for now!).

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Our expert bird guide for the series is once again Derek Lovitch. Derek’s lifelong passion for birding has inspired his careers as a biologist, author, tour guide, and business owner. Derek and his wife, Jeannette, own and operate Freeport Wild Bird Supply, an independent bird-feeding and birding specialty shop. Lovitch serves as a private guide for clients throughout the state and also leads trips for interested people worldwide.

Our Birds On Tap℠ – Roadtrip! tours are priced at $79.99 per person, and include expert bird guiding with Derek, beer guiding from The Maine Brew Bus, samples at the producer locations, and round-trip transportation from either Freeport Wild Bird Supply or the Marginal Way Park and Ride in Portland.

“These tours are a perfect way for couples or friends with different interests to spend the day together. We take the pressure off learning about complex topics from identifying shorebirds to hop characteristics. One does not need to be a “birder” to enjoy these outings. People of all skill levels are encouraged to join us!” – Derek Lovitch

The alcohol samples are included in the tour price, and we will even supply a light snack and water.

So whatever your birding interests are, we have a tour for you! Complete details of each tour and links to trip reports from prior outings, along with information about registration are available on the Birds On Tap℠ – Roadtrip! link below.

Want to know more? Our tours have been featured in the Portland Press HeraldMaine Public Radio, and the Associated Press.

And for a little more about the history of our tour partnership with Freeport Wild Bird Supply, check out this blog entry.

We look forward to seeing you aboard the bus for a Birds On Tap℠ – Roadtrip! this year. Great birding and beer-ing opportunities await!

Questions? Call 207-865-6000, email, or visit Freeport Wild Bird Supply to pay by cash or check. To conveniently pay online, click on the “Book Now” links or on the calendar. Please note that tour venues and details may change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances. For information on the Birds On Tap℠ – Roadtrip! cancellation and refund policy, click here.