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Meet The Team – Adam

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Adam recently joined our team as our Tour Coordinator after he relocated to Portland from Boston. Learn more about him and his very interesting background in our latest staff profile.

Adam joined the Brew Bus team in September of 2018. He was named to the newly created position of Tour Coordinator on the strength of his background and experience.

He was born and raised in Amherst, New Hampshire but spent many summers of his childhood in Wells, Maine.

Adam graduated from Bryant University with an International Business degree in Finance and he worked in that industry for three years before winding up with a position at State Street Corporation in Boston.

He realized that he didn’t enjoy that job, so a friend told him about a part-time gig that was available as a tour guide at a brewery called Samuel Adams.

After taking the job, Adam (who was known there by the nickname Doyle) quickly fell in love with all things beer. For the next four years, he learned as much as he could about the industry. He studied the history of beer, the brewing process, and draft maintenance and sensory tasting.

That training paid off as he was promoted to Tour Center Coordinator at the brewery in Jamaica Plain. He also earned the Level 2 certification in the Cicerone program, and as such is a Certified Cicerone.

Adam loves pretty much everything about the beer industry. He enjoys the diversity of the people involved and their mindset, and also the flexibility of the product.

Once he realized all the potential flavors and styles that were possible, he knew that he had found his passion.

Adam’s position at the Brew Bus in Tour Coordinator. In this role, he is responsible to work with our partners and our staff in order to deliver the best possible experience for our guides.

This has allowed him to develop more skills in the beer industry, but for him to also get involved in the food and spirits business in Portland.

When he is not on the bus, Adam enjoys playing video games, watching movies, sports, and TV, eating and making good food, as well as homebrewing.

So look for Adam behind the wheel of a bus, in front of a group leading a tour, or in the background training and evaluating. It is all in an effort to improve the already great experience aboard our tours.

Ten Questions with Adam:

Favorite Playtime Activity (aka Hobby)Homebrewing or video games.

Favorite Part of Being a Driver/GuideMeeting people from all over the world and sharing your passion.

Favorite Experience with a Guest Haven’t really had anything crazy happen yet besides a few run-ins with guests at bars.

Favorite SnackNachos

Favorite MovieA Knight’s Tale or maybe Gladiator

Animal Friends? After 30 years of non-dog ownership, I now have a puppy named Bowser who is a Shollie (a German Shepherd and Border Collie Mix)

Celeb Crush – Emily Blunt

Favorite FoodBurritos or Tacos

Favorite Band/Music/Genre Hip hop/rap…listening to a lot of Logic recently

If You Could Describe Yourself as a Local Craft Alcohol Producer or Beverage, which/what Would you be? Lone Pine Chris Farleywine – I like delicious beer, I like to have fun, and go big or go home.

Fun Facts

Adam once got in a ring with a live bull. He has been lucky enough to receive three staples in the back of his head. Technically, he has a minor in Spanish. Así que hay que.