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Meet The Team – Julie

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She may seem very quiet and reserved…but in reality, Julie is anything but that. In our latest staff profile learn more this hard-working member of the team, and why you really don’t want to test her skills.

Julie has been driving and guiding with the Brew Bus since April of 2018. She was born and raised in Maine and currently living in Portland, but very shortly she will be moving to live in Colorado.

She got her start in craft beer in college while studying Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Maine in Orono.

While in, school Julie co-hosted a beer podcast called Beer Talk at WMEB, a local radio station in Orono. You can listen to a couple of the episodes through Soundcloud here. 

That experience allowed Julie to learn more about the craft beer industry by interviewing different head brewers, industry workers, homebrewers and hop growers in the area and soon began working in the business herself.

After spending time slinging beers at Black Bear Brewing in Orono and Maine Beer Company in Freeport, she joined the Maine Brew Bus team this spring. Although she really loves beer, her other passion in life is nutrition and she has been actively working in the community nutrition field.

When she joined our team she was also serving as Nutrition Educator and Class Coordinator at Cooking Matters Maine as part of her AmeriCorps service. That assignment that ended a few months ago after she provided the organization 1,700 hours of essential nutrition education to families on a limited food budget.

Once her service was complete, she willingly helped us out in the office through the busy holiday period. If you ordered a gift card to be printed and mailed to you, or a merchandise bundle, chances are that Julie put that together for you this year.

Julie really enjoys the creativity and collaboration that is present in Maine’s beer scene and how everyone has something different to bring to the table. She also appreciates the opportunity to learn more about the inspiration behind all of the breweries, wineries, and distilleries that we visit.

And she looks forward to finding a way to combine her two major interests. Maybe someday she’ll be behind the creation of a healthy “super” beer.

But for now, her next step in life will be right after the new year as she will relocate to the Denver area. Soon you just might find her once again on the job leading tours and helping guests at Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado.

Ten Questions with Julie:

Favorite Playtime Activity (aka Hobby) –  I really enjoy listening to music and going to concerts, I love outdoor activities in the summer and video games in the winter.

Favorite Part of Being a Driver/GuideMeeting and talking with people from all around the country. It’s fun to have a good “nerd out” session with other folks who love craft beer.

Favorite Experience with a Guest I had a group of mostly strangers come on one tour. They ended up liking each other so much, all 13 of them decided to go out together for the rest of the night. That’s the power of the Brew Bus bringing people together!

Favorite SnackChex Mix

Favorite MovieLord of the Rings (extended version only)

Animal Friends? I have a tabby cat named Althea, whom I’m obsessed with.

Celeb Crush Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds

Favorite FoodMac and Cheese

Favorite Band/Music/Genre Tough decision but I would have to say Fleet Foxes

If You Could Describe Yourself as a Local Craft Alcohol Producer or Beverage, which/what Would you be? I like to keep things light and fun but still have a sour and cynical side. Always down for a good hip-hop album. Liquid Swords by Oxbow.

Fun Facts

Julie holds a black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate, earning her the title “Sensei Julie”. While in college Julie worked at Verve, a burrito shop in Orono. It is owned by Abe and Heather Furth, who went on to start Orono Brewing Company in December 2014.