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  • Walking Tour


Discovering Portland's history is best done with a drink in hand. On this 3-stop tour, wander the historic cobblestone streets and savor the drinks that echo our city's past.

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Adult Ages 21+


Portland, Maine, is a bustling hub for breweries, distilleries, beer bars, and cocktail lounges—a far cry from its historical stance against consumption. Ironically, it was Maine’s early adoption of Prohibition that set the stage for a booming craft libation industry, inspiring producers, restaurateurs, and creatives alike.

The Portland Pub Walk is a leisurely 3-stop, 1 mile stroll through Portland’s Old Port neighborhood. This journey through history, narrated by the beverages inspired by Maine’s tenacious spirit, takes you past prominent landmarks and to our working waterfront.

Along the way, you’ll visit producers like Liquid Riot, a brewery and distillery that pays homage to the infamous Portland Rum Riots of 1855, and Shipyard Brewing Company, a cornerstone of Maine’s craft beer culture for over a quarter-century.

This bus tour’s final tasting will be held at Portland Beer Hub, the home of Maine Brews Cruise. Portland Beer Hub is a combo beer bar and retail space in the heart of the Old Port. The selection here includes beers from over 30 breweries across the state of Maine, many of which are stops on our most popular tours. As a bonus, all guests snag a 10% discount on additional draft and to-go purchases at the Portland Beer Hub.

Embrace Portland’s storied past and vibrant present on this walk through history, culture, and craft libations.

Please note that tour stops may change without notice due to events and the availability of staff at each venue.

Step by Step, Sip by Sip

Join us on a guided walking tour that meanders through Portland’s historic streets and the bustling working waterfront. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Portland’s past, from its iconic landmarks to the tales that have brewed over time alongside its famed craft beers.

Exclusive Access

Breeze past the queues straight to your exclusive table at some of Portland’s hotspot breweries and bars. Long waits and crowded spaces are a thing of the past – premium access is all part of the package.

Beer Tastings

Dive deep into Portland’s beer culture with ample tastings at each of our carefully chosen stops. From classic brews to innovative concoctions, your palate is in for a treat, all on us.

Behind-the-Brews Glimpse

Step into the world of beer making, uncover the rich tapestry of Maine’s brewing history, and enjoy specialty brews that embody the essence of Maine, such as Liquid Riots The Collab DIPA, a statewide collaboration supporting the Maine Brewers Guild.


Enjoy a curated selection of snacks to complement your tasting journey. Hungry for more? Portland’s culinary landscape offers a feast for your senses.


Transform your next celebration or corporate event into a journey through Portland’s vibrant craft beverage scene. Perfect for bachelor & bachelorette parties, team building, client appreciations, and milestone birthdays, our private tours offer exploration of Portland’s best breweries, distilleries, and hidden gems.

With a personalized vehicle exclusively for your group and an expert guide in town, we’ll dive deep into the flavors that define our city. Invite your group to enjoy exclusive access, and generous tastings of unique brews and spirits.