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Do you love rum? Do you love Maine? Do you love fun? This tour is for you!

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Adult Age 21+


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Join us for an unforgettable collaboration between Maine Brews Cruise and Portland boat tour company, SeaPortland.

The tour begins with a short voyage across the picturesque Portland harbor to House Island. Note that we won’t be exploring the fort itself – for that, be sure to book the historic fort tour. Our main event commences at the pier, offering breathtaking views of the Portland skyline and the harbor.

Here, we deep-dive into the riveting history of rum in Portland and enjoy a tasting session featuring the finest products from Three of Strong Spirits. Sip on their ready-to-drink cocktails and rum spirits as you unravel the secrets of their distillation process and immerse yourself in the history of rum.

Three of Strong Spirits is a renowned distillery nestled in East Bayside, Portland, Maine. Their journey started with a simple conversation between friends that has evolved into a community-focused brand, crafting world-class rums that reflect the spirit of Maine. They use 100% organic evaporated cane syrup and molasses, yeast, and pure water from Maine’s beautiful Sebago Lake to craft their delicious rums. Not just this, they have also launched a line of shelf-stable ready-to-drink canned craft cocktails that bring the bar right to you!

Ninety minutes later, we’ll have you safe and sound back in the Old Port. We love leaving our guests richer one great boat cruise of Portland. We know you’ll enjoy memories of a Portland, Maine boat tour and the vibrant flavors of local Maine rum for years.

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Beautiful House Island and Fort Scammel

As a centerpiece to our tour, we dock at House Island – a private gem in the heart of Casco Bay. Here lies the historic Fort Scammel, an 18th-century marvel with secrets of the past and breathtaking views of the Portland skyline and harbor. While our Rum Tour stays on the pier, Fort Scammel itself is worth a deeper exploration.

This unique venue offers an impressive blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and Maine’s coastal charm. Whether you’re a history buff or simply in love with Maine’s enchanting landscapes, a visit to House Island and Fort Scammel is an absolute must when in Portland.

For the full Fort Scammel experience, we recommend booking our Fort Scammel Tour in addition to your Rum Tour. Embark on a day filled with historical insights, gorgeous views, and the rich flavors of locally crafted rum. A truly Maine experience awaits you

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Three of Strong Spirits: Local Maine Distilled Rum

Located in East Bayside, Portland, Maine, Three of Strong Spirits began with a casual conversation between friends and has blossomed into a community-driven distillery, dedicated to crafting world-class rums reflecting the spirit of Maine. Their process involves using 100% organic evaporated cane syrup, molasses, yeast, and pure water from Maine’s scenic Sebago Lake. Additionally, they offer a range of shelf-stable ready-to-drink canned craft cocktails, ensuring the bar is always wherever you are!

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Three of Strong Spirits’ Rum Flavors

  • Brightwater Rum: A smooth silver rum, perfect for mixing or sipping solo, adding a spark to any celebration.
  • Stone Pier Rum: A vibrant blend of Brightwater and Colombian rum, offering tropical notes of vanilla, spice, and caramel.
  • Merrymeeting Spiced Rum: This rum is a tribute to Maine’s coast, offering a swirl of flavors in every sip. Ideal for sharing with friends.
  • Nightwater Dark Rum: An adventurous dark rum with deep notes of coffee, dark chocolate, molasses, and a hint of oak. Great as a mixer or on its own.
  • Acadian Rum: This agricole-inspired rum distilled from Louisiana sugar cane juice provides a grassy and citrusy spark to any gathering.
  • Portage Gin: This gin is an adventurous journey in itself, filled with bright botanicals distilled in cane spirit.
  • Oaked Acadian Rum: A variation of our Acadian rum aged in used rum barrels, adding a balance of vanilla, banana, mango, and spice. Perfect for sipping neat, on the rocks, or in aged spirit cocktails.
  • ‘Chando 12: A 12-year-old Colombian sipping rum with a balanced glow of dried fruits and smoke, perfect for a relaxed evening.

Three of Strong Spirits’ Unique Canned Cocktails

There are two cocktails currently available.

  • Maine Mojito: A refreshing take on the classic cocktail with the clean, bright flavors of lime, mint, and Brightwater® silver rum, made with organic sugarcane.
  • Stormy Night: A balanced blend of ginger, lime, and Nightwater™ dark rum, enduring as it is refreshing.

Experience the convenience of the canned cocktails; save on mixology ingredients and time spent making cocktails, while ensuring a delicious, consistent taste in every sip. Whether you’re at the beach or a campfire, on the couch or at the dinner table, these cocktails are your perfect companions. Enjoy the perks of the can with Three of Strong Spirits!