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Brewery Tours: The Beer Learning Experience

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What is a Brewery?

A brewery is a place where beer is processed and sold.  The process of making beer begun around 2500 BC, and has revolutionized over time.  Brewing began as a personal hobby being done through fermentation at home.

In the 9th century, beers were being brewed in farms and monasteries mostly for family consumption and selling some of the beers to friends. By the 12th century, dedicated breweries of 8-10 people began establishing their reputation in the industry.

By the end of the 19th-century, domestic beer fermentation has ceased to be significant, and commercial beer manufacturing has come to dominate the industry. Today, major breakthroughs have led the brewing industry to produce consistency and refinement into beer making.

In this day and age, breweries have yet again modernized the art of making beer.  Thus, the evolution of brewery tours.

What is a brewery tour?

A brewery tour is a kind of gastro-tourism that primarily focus on the idea and concept of beer making.  

Gastro-tourism or gastronomic tourism is the pursuit of enjoyment and fun in exploring food and beverages, culinary and other food-related activities through traveling.

Brewery tours are recreations for a unique, memorable and informative beer making journey. The brewing tourism is a growing industry since beer lovers and drinkers are more interested in visiting breweries than just drinking them in bars, pubs, and restaurants.

How Brewery Tours Revolutionized the Beer Industry

Many tourists visit places not just because of scenic spots but also because of the food or drinks that the place is famous for. Places like Raleigh and Durham are known for its breweries, and people from all over come to visit and enjoy a brewery tour.

Brewery tours in Raleigh and Durham have been flourishing over the years. These tours offer exciting packages that include beer tasting, learning about brewery processes, classification of beers and how each brewery is distinct from one another.

Brewery tours have revolutionized the beer industry because not only does it offer an enjoyable way of tasting quality beer, but also a beer learning experience. The different breweries in Raleigh and Durham present their own methods of brewing to tourists and beer enthusiasts.  These methods fundamentally change the idea of beer tasting and drinking.

Some breweries are known for sour beer making. Sour beers are made by intentionally allowing wild yeast strains into the brew creating that tart tangy sour taste in beers.  

For some beer lovers, sour beer is like a friend who gets along with everyone.  The sour beer has this layers of flavors that linger in your mouth with every sip.

Durty Bull Brewery Co. in Durham is known for their sour blends and many other unconventional brews. And Bond Brother’s Brewing Company in Raleigh is known for their Saison or sour beers.

Durty Bull Brewery brings a specialized niche of beer as well as a love of brewing to the wonderful residents of the Bull City and beyond.  While Bond Brother’s Brewing offers 14 unique beers on tap, a robust barrel sour program, guided brewery tours, and a kid/ dog-friendly environment.

Another method is brewing light beers.  White Street Brewing Company in Raleigh and Bull City Ciderworks in Durham are just 2 of the best breweries that you can visit that craft light beers.  

White Street Brewing is known for the gold standard in crafting light beers. They are also known by hard-working brewers to create the perfect balance of flavor and approachability.  

Bull City, on the other hand, offers low hop level that gives their beer a light and delicate finish that makes beer drinkers thirst for more.

Bourbon barrel-aging of beers also paved the way to revolutionize the beer industry.  Aviator Brewing Company in Durham offers award-winning bourbon barrel-aged beers.  

Raleigh Brewing Company also offers 18 different kinds of beer including barrel-aged beers crafted to quench your thirst. Raleigh Brewing pride themselves of their brewery as it depicts the history of Raleigh.  These bourbon barrel-aged beers are surely a must try!

These are just a few of over 30 Raleigh breweries that will show you how brewery tours have revolutionized the beer industry.  

Brewery tours have increased the awareness not only of beer enthusiasts but also to tourists about the intricate process of brewing different kinds of beers.  It has educated brewery zealots the many wonders of beers and its appealing taste.

Join one of our Raleigh Brews Cruise tours and experience a beer journey like no other.

Raleigh Brewery Tours

Enjoy a fun and radical experience of beer tasting and learning from any of our brewery tours.  Observe and understand the process of crafting, making, fermenting and brewing of beers from our brewery tour packages.

Each tour package is a four-hour learning experience that will make you appreciate the uniqueness of each brewery and the wide array of beer classifications and kinds that make them distinct from one another.

Our packages include brewery tours with Gizmo Brew Works, Fullsteam Brewing, Nickel Point Brewing Co., Mason Jar Brewing Company, Lynnwood Brewery Concern, Trophy Brewing Company, Raleigh Rum Company, Ponysaurus Brewery, Jordan Lake Brewing Company, Fortnight Brewery, Compass Rose Brewery, Big Boss Brewing Company, Carolina Brewing Company, Lonerider Brewery, Bombshell Beer Company, Lassiter Distilling Company, and a lot more.

Come and experience a fun and informative brewery tour with Raleigh Brews Cruise.  Call us at 919-694-6299 and book a tour or buy a gift certificate for your family and friends to enjoy!