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Buy Craft Beers from Local Breweries During COVID-19 Quarantine

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With lockdowns and quarantines, many small businesses are feeling the effect. The future for businesses is uncertain. It is not clear when they will be able to reopen their doors or how they can continue to support their staff. Not surprisingly, millions are experiencing massive layoffs in the country today.

This is the same for all kinds of business including small breweries.

Buy Local Craft Beer to Help Small Breweries

While you practice social distancing, you would still probably want a beer or two. The pandemic is stressful, so a bottle of beer can be quite relaxing. And just like other local businesses, your local breweries need your help now too.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help your local craft breweries survive this crisis without you breaking the social distancing rules.

Buy Straight from Your Local Brewery

The rules are different across the country with regard to quarantines and shelter-in-place. However, there are many breweries that are still selling growlers and cans right out of their taproom.

People can still order online and stop by to pick up their orders while observing social distancing from the store employees at all times. It’s worth checking which local breweries are open in your area, and go buy your supply of beer from them.

Get Your Beer from Delivery Services

If you are wary of going out to grab a bottle of beer or more. You can check to see which breweries sell through delivery services. Some breweries may actually deliver beers to your doorstep.

You can also check out big chains and stores. Many of these big stores actually sell local craft beers. You can choose to buy local, so you can support breweries in your area, especially those that will struggle to survive this outbreak.

Promote Your Local Craft Beer Store

This won’t cost you anything – just a few minutes of your time. A quick post on your Facebook account or social media accounts asking your friends and followers to purchase local craft beers will help these small businesses.

Not many people may have realized that local breweries are struggling as well, and your post may just convince them to buy local craft beers.

Craft Beers Are Better Anyway!

Truth is, local craft beer brands are better anyway.. Craft beers have rich, thick, potent, and distinct flavors. They are not mass-produced, so they taste better.  

Local craft brewers take pride in the beer they create. They are passionate about their product and how it tastes, and they invest a lot of time perfecting the flavors. So, you get quality beers when you buy from local craft breweries.

Things are a little bit hard for everyone right now, but we can all still help each other out. You can start by helping local businesses in your areas like your local brewery.