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Maine’s Top 25 Beers – How many can be found on our tours?

The local website Beer This Week recently ran an end-of-year survey for what people think were the Top 25 beers in Maine for 2015

This is certainly a popularity contest, it’s after all a list of favorite beers as voted on by over 2,000 Maine beer drinkers.  Here is the list:

The folks at Beer This Week found these facts about the results:

  • 13 beers are new to this list from last year
  • 8 of the top 10 are hoppy beers
  • Only 2 stouts are on the list
  • Allagash has 3 “sour” beers on the list whereas last year there was only 1 sour

In reviewing the list, we discovered our own facts about the breweries and the beers:

  • 16 different breweries are represented with beers on this list, many with more than one
  • Maine Brew Bus tours visit 11 of these breweries every week year round
  • During 2015, we also stopped at 4 more breweries on the list as summer only or specialty tour stops
  • Which leaves just Marshall Wharf in Belfast as the only one on this list we have not visited in the last year with The Maine Brew Bus!

Now some breweries have more than one beer on the list (and there were several ties), so for total number that could be available on our tours it is potentially 21 different of Maine’s Top 25 beers. This includes the top 11 beers on the list!

Now we certainly know that not every beer is available every day, many are only available during certain times of the year. (It will be a few more months before we see Rising Tide’s #7 Maine Island Trail Ale for example).

But we are still very happy to see so many of our brewery partners on this list.

A guest on our Casco Fiasco tour on Saturday can often have an Epiphany on tap at Foundation Brewing Company, the top of the list. #2 is Space Gose, and those who have participated in our Saturday afternoon Southern Crawl tour have tasted this great beer from Barreled Souls. Every Sunday we bring folks to try a mid-afternoon Lunch at Maine Beer Company. And it goes on…

We are impressed with the beers selected, and how we have worked our tour design to visit as many of the great Maine breweries as we possibly can.You should see (and taste) for yourself!

Come check out Maine’s great beers on The Maine Brew Bus tours. Make your reservation today!