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Meet The Team – Aaron

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Aaron has been involved with the company since the very early days. Learn more about one of our longest serving employees.

About six months after our bus wheels hit the pavement, Aaron was asked to fill in one day as a driver for Saturday tours.

He has been involved with our company ever since working behind-the-scenes as our Festival Program Coordinator. His efforts allow us to appear as a display vendor at over 35 different beer festivals and events all around New England every year.

This is important to our growth, as being seen at these festivals helps us to show an increasing amount of beer lovers our tour opportunities in Portland, Providence, and Boston.

Aaron was born and raised in Portland and went to middle and high school with Don Littlefield, the General Manager of Brew Bus Tours.

When Aaron is not at a festival or on the bus, he works as the Regional Director for New England Admissions at Elmira College in Elmira, New York.

He has been involved with connecting students to colleges shortly after he graduated from Assumption College in Worcester, MA.

He still calls Portland his home today and has experienced first hand how the craft alcohol scene has changed in a relatively short period of time. Being able to share those start-up stories and personal interactions with guests is just part of what Aaron really likes about the mission of our company.

If you see Aaron at a festival somewhere in New England, be sure to give him a hearty cheers – and spin that wheel!

Ten Questions with Aaron:

Favorite Playtime Activity (aka Hobby)Being out on our deck entertaining friends and family.

Favorite Part of Being a Driver/GuideMeeting people from all over the world and learning about what brought them to Portland.

Favorite Experience with a Guest My most memorable tour was a few years back on Kentucky Derby Day. We had a great group on the bus celebrating a bachelorette party. Two-thirds dressed as if they were attending the Derby and the others as jockeys. They were a blast!

Favorite SnackMy favorite snack is Junior Mints… or York Peppermint Patties. (Chocolate and Mint being the key.)

Favorite MovieAlfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly. Suspense at its best.

Animal Friends?We have a fifteen-year-old Golden Retriever named Marley. He is a rescue from Memphis.

Celeb Crush My wife and kids say Tom Selleck would be my man crush (Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods, not so much Magnum P.I.), and Anne Hathaway would be my other.

Favorite FoodShepherd’s Pie

Favorite Band/Music/Genre The Boss – Bruce Springsteen…and Metallica.

If You Could Describe Yourself as a Local Craft Alcohol Producer or Beverage, which/what Would you be?  I would describe myself as an Old Fashioned cocktail. Straightforward. Pretty mellow, and every few years comes back into vogue.

Fun Facts

Aaron ended up going out for whiskey and cigars with three members of the Walking Dead in Worcester, MA one night while out with a buddy. Aaron has seen Bruce Springsteen 11 times, 5 of those times with Don. Aaron can also juggle.