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Meet The Team – Nate

a man standing in front of a restaurant

Many of our guests this summer have seen Nate on board the bus as a driver or a guide. He tends to stand out, not only for his height but also for his in-depth knowledge of the people and the processes that make our craft alcohol industry truly special.

Nate is originally from the south, he was born in Arkansas. He landed here in Maine in 2012 after accepting a promotion from a job that required him to relocate to Portland.

As many people do when they visit Vacationland, he fell in love with Maine immediately and hopes to stay in the state as long as he can.

For over a decade he worked in and around various manufacturing companies. Nate has experience working in many different roles including Information Technology (IT) project management, process engineering, and IT service delivery management.

This industry gave him the opportunity to travel the United States and to work in all different facets of the industry. He also had the opportunity to travel to Brazil, England, and Canada for work and really loved seeing different parts of the world.

For now, Nate has put his manufacturing career to the side. He became a part of Team Brew Bus at the beginning of Summer 2018 as a driver and guide.

He loves the creativity and drive of the craft alcohol industry and feels that you can’t find this level of combined expertise and passion in a lot of other fields.

Nate’s love of Portland’s craft alcohol scene and his ability to advocate for its success and growth makes him the perfect guide to show you exactly how to drink like a local!


Ten Questions with Nate:

Favorite Playtime Activity (aka Hobby)I’m a huge sports nerd. I love riding my bike and being outdoors. I also play my fair share of video games.

Favorite Part of Being a Driver/GuideI love meeting new people and sharing the Maine craft beer scene with fellow enthusiasts.

Favorite Experience with a Guest I love seeing other people enjoy our scene. We had a group that, with one or two exceptions, all said they didn’t care for IPA’s. We visited Bissell Brothers as part of the tour. One round of Substance changed almost everyone’s mind. Dry hopping for the win!

Favorite Snack I could eat pistachios all day, every day.

Favorite Movie –  Can you get any better than Pulp Fiction?

Animal Friends? I’m a single dude with no pets.

Celeb Crush I think I’d marry Cari Champion of ESPN if she asked me today.

Favorite Food –  I don’t really have a favorite food, but I lean toward tasty savory over sweet foods any day.

Favorite Band/Music/Genre To me this is like asking who your favorite child is, but I’ll say that Radiohead in the late 90’s and early 00’s was just about perfect.

If You Could Describe Yourself as a Local Craft Alcohol Producer or Beverage, which/what Would you be?  Well, I’d have to be something served in a tallboy (I’m 6’7″). I’d like to think I’m pretty complex and I don’t always sleep well, so I’m often cloudy. Let’s go with Austin Street’s Neverender Double IPA.

Fun Facts

Nate’s a big guy but also the runt in his family. His brothers are 6’8″ and 6’10”, and both are north of 300 lbs. Also, Nate has broken 12 bones and has plates in his face from an unfortunate car accident. He’s double jointed in his thumbs and his wrist and can also move his eyes in different directions.