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Raleigh Brews Cruise in Walter Magazine

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Just when you thought you’ve got it covered, Raleigh Brews Cruise will take it to the next level!

A beer enthusiast takes on a journey and shares his beery-exciting experience with Raleigh Brews Cruise.

The Raleigh Brews Cruise will let you experience the fun and excitement of touring the craft beer capital of North Carolina. The Triangle area alone has over 40 local breweries that might tickle the minds of beer fanatics and Raleigh Brews Cruise features over 30 local breweries for you to visit.

While each Raleigh Brews Cruise booking offers a tour of 3 to 4 breweries, brewery tour participants will surely enjoy a beer-tasting and learning experience in every stop. From local craft beers to sours, our Raleigh Brews Cruise has it covered for you.

Our Raleigh Brews Cruise can take you “anywhere in the triangle and beyond – within reason.”

For an enthusiast, the tour was a mix of fun and learning experience. Despite having an ideal IPA, Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ Raleigh style will keep you wanting to taste and learn more about other kinds of beers.
The beer-tasting of local brews are overflowing and there are so much to look forward to in 2019. To learn more about this awesome brewery tour experience, visit