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School Vacations Have Taught Us To Add More Tours

April brings a long awaited break for school teachers. That occupation is the most common job among our tour guests, so we’ve learned to provide additional tours during those weeks.

On every single public tour our Guidance Counselors make everybody feel at home by facilitating introductions. Who are you, where are you from, what do you like to drink, and what do you do in the real world when you are not on board a bright green school bus going on a fun drinking adventure.

Learning about the pilot system from Jesse at D.L. Geary Brewing Company.

We found out very early that it was typical to have two professions represented on every tour. Medical professionals such as nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners, and assistants, and education professionals like teachers, professors, and even principals and deans.

After three and half years, we know that the education profession is the #1 job of guests riding The Maine Brew Bus.

As a company owned by a former teacher, we understand the that it’s a hard job to educate our youth, and it demands a lot of time and attention to do it right. And it’s kind of risque to enjoy alcohol whole being driven around on a former school bus.

Cheers to “adult recess” at The Run of the Mill in Saco, ME.

Teachers also want to work with us, and use their presentation skills in new ways talking about the Maine craft alcohol industry. We currently have three teachers on our tour operations staff.

So we try to react to vacation weeks with additional tour opportunities designed not only for education professionals, but also maybe for families that are traveling where the adults might have some time to get away on their own.

They could be called in-service workshops, continuing education seminars, or curriculum development days. The only catch is we cannot sign off on your CEU’s for credit!

In many New England states, the week that includes Patriot’s Day on Monday April 18th and ends on Sunday April 24th is the April break.

More than likely there are two teachers among this group of tour guests. Our Guidance Counselor Alexa (second from right in our red hat) is a teacher as well.

For next week we have a total of 17 different tour itineraries, with options running all seven days. 

We start off with an additional Sunday afternoon option, the Sunday Funday tour. Monday is a holiday for many people, so this itinerary is being run along with our popular Drinks About Town tour.

Monday through Thursday we have our popular Best of Portland tours, a mid-day offering designed to show off Portland’s breweries, wineries, and distilleries. Thursday also sees the return of the weekday Beast of the yEast tour, and we also have scheduled the Friday edition of the Casco Fiasco tour.

Also on Friday we have our Sips and Sea Dogs tour that also features tickets a minor league Portland Sea Dogs baseball game.

Harvey is not only a driver and guide for us, but also a high school science teacher who was in need of a “summer job”.

So we have lots of additional tour options next week. Check out our enhanced schedule, and make plans to join us for a little recess time on the bus.

Don Littlefield is the General Manager of The Maine Brew Bus. Last night he “learned to love lagers” during our staff education session with Jack, especially the Schlenkerla Urbock Rauchbier. Twitter: @BeerinME