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Staff Outing – Andy’s Old Port Pub, Portland

Andy’s Old Port Pub is on Commercial St in Portland, right across from our official home at Craft Beer Cellar. After watching several thousand guests board our buses for educational fun, the owners of Andy’s closed for Andy Day so their staff could have some fun too.

This is essentially what the staff at Andy’s watches out their front window all year long.

To say that Andy’s is a Maine Brew Bus staff and beer industry favorite is an understatement.

Many meetings have been held here, including the one where we forged a relationship with Jorgen and Pietro of Craft Beer Cellar Portland.

When our guests are dropped off on Pearl St, they often ask where they should go for good food and Maine beers. We often point out Andy’s Old Port Pub as the logical place to go…it’s literally right across the street.

A group poses for a picture after a tour. Their next stop was probably Andy’s which is clearly visible in the background.

And in the middle of summer, folks in the industry know where to go for cold local beer and even colder air conditioning…Andy’s Old Port Pub.

So Jennifer Fox and Rick Frantz contacted us about bringing their staff out for Andy Day, an afternoon of much needed fun and bonding.

We put together an itinerary designed to showcase 5 brands that they currently sell a lot of, as well as one brand new brewery that may soon find it’s way onto the tap roster.

Special thanks to Allagash Brewing, D.L. Geary Brewing, Foundation Brewing, Fore River Brewing, Maine Mead Works, and Rising Tide Brewing for being willing to host this group on a Monday afternoon.

And a huge shout out to Josh and Melissa from Hella Good Tacos who catered a full Mexican lunch for the group on a day when the restaurant is normally closed. We appreciate them coming in on their day off to put on such an impressive and filling meal.

Check out these pictures of the team from Andy’s Old Port Pub on their staff outing. Cheers!